Art Gallery Cafe’s and Restaurant Around the Philippines

Raise your hand if you’re an artsy and also a food junkie at the same time! If you are, then you’ll unquestionably enjoy this topic! Also, we think that it's best to warn you guys that you'll be feeling the artsy-and-food-junkie cravings at the end of this post, so make sure that you have your wallets ready! 

Art Sector Gallery and Chimney Cafe 360

Photo by Art Sector Gallery and Chimney Cafe 360

Hitting on the first spot are Art Sector Gallery and Chimney Cafe 360. It is located at Lot 18 Block 178 EastridgeExecutive Village, Tayuman, 1940 Binangonan, Philippines. You can enjoy the best of both worlds here at this restaurant, you’ll also have 360 views of Laguna Lake, Sierra Madre Mountains, Pililla Windmills, and our favorite view which is none other than—-sunset. You can also gaze at their modern painting all you want, once you're done, then you can dine at their restaurant. The dishes are 100 percent perfect. They offer carbonara which is perfect for everyone, it is made with pancetta or bacon, eggs, parmesan, olive oil, and salt mixed with pepper. Another scrumptious item on their list is the all-time favorite food of every Filipino—-Longsilog! It is made with sweet pork which is called longganisa, savory eggs, and umami garlic rice!

 Sulyap Gallery Café

Photo by Sulyap Gallery Café

Sulyap Gallery Café will most definitely help you connect with the Filipino's cultural side. It showcased famous Filipino dishes, and the setting itself screams major Pinoy vibes! They can be found at 7 Pindo St Cosico Ave. Once you find this place, make sure to taste their best seller ginataan na hipon as the starter, then followed by their appetizing Boneless Bangus. Gambas Alajillo is also one of the crowd's favorites. If you also think that this place is just another cup of usually gallery cafe but sorry to break it to you, they’re more than that.  They’re also a cozy boutique hotel, so if you find yourself lost in time because of this magnificent place, then you can just simply stay here for a night!

 Art Circle Café 

Photo by Art Circle Café

For a food junkie who's in search of an easy but thrilling art gallery cafe, then Art Circle Cafe is the perfect place for you. They are located in Metro Manila and can be found on the premises of the University of the Philippines. Their diner's all-time favorite is the Shrimp Pasta in Aligue Sauce. It's a delish, and it will undoubtedly make your art gallery experience so much better. You can also dine in al fresco and enjoy the warm and relaxing breeze of the wind. Their bento boxes are also the bomb! They have beef misono, oriental chicken teriyaki, and beef tapa—- everything is a hundred percent delish!

 Balaw Balaw Restaurant and Art Gallery

Photo by Balaw Balaw Restaurant and Art Gallery

To finish off the list, here’s Balaw Balaw Restaurant and Art Gallery which is located at 4th St Angono. This place also gives major Filipino vibes. Everything is about commemorating our culture. From the interior design, and their uniquely crafted menu. They offer Balaw rice seafood Minaluto which is my favorite. It is a native Filipino dish made from fermented rice and shrimp. Another mouthwatering dish on their menu is the Adobo sa Matanda with yellow rice. Of course, adobo is like the top-tier food here in the country, but the Balaw Balaw Restaurant wanted to add some twist to their Adobo so they came up with this special adobo on their menu.  There are lots of Pinoy foods that you can enjoy here!