Best Mexican Restaurants In Johor

Lets take a look at some places that serve delectable dishes that will get you saying Ay Caramba!

This list is going to contain a mix of authentic Mexican dishes as well as Tex-Mex delights. So sit tight and hold on to your sombreros as we bring you on a discovery of the best Johor has to offer when it comes to Mexican food.

Mexico RestaurantPhoto by Mexico Restaurant

For Michelada
Located all the way in Nusajaya, this restaurant is the only place in Johor where you can get a Michelada (RM25). This drink is a cocktail made by mixing beer with tomato juice, dried chili flakes and a bit of lime, very refreshing. Aside this do try out their chimichanga (RM24) and vegetarian quesedillas (RM19).

Hairy HoneyPhoto by Hairy Honey

For Enchiladas
Hidden deep in Senibong Cove, this bar and restaurant serves up a selection of Mexican bites that are ready to excite. There are 4 different enchiladas available to order, which ae ground beef with cilantro and beans (RM45), roasted chicken with refried beans (RM35), fish and minced peppers (RM48), and Mexican rice and shrimp (RM45). Cocktails and alcoholic beverages are also available, try out their signature Blue Hairy (RM28), which is a tequila and egg white based cocktail that's creamy and guaranteed to perk you up.

QUECHOS Taman RintingPhoto by Quechos

For Local Fusion Tacos
No one would fault you for thinking this roadside restaurant looks like it was made from a shipping container, because it most likely is. The colorful façade and unique design isn't the only attractive feature this restaurant has as their tacos and nachos are sure to impress. Try out their selection of either hard or soft shell tacos which you can load up on some interesting flavors, such as beef rendang (RM15), Ayam Perchik (RM13), and egg sambal (RM12). Similarly their burritos, enchiladas and quesadillas are also available in the above mentioned flavors.

Stuff'd @ Johor Bahru City SquarePhoto by Stuff'd

For Massive Burritos
Some of you may have seen this brand around Singapore, and they are known for their loaded burritos and tacos, and now it's in Johor! Try out their large burritos, which come in chicken (RM17.90), beef (RM18.50) and vegetarian (RM16.90). Each will come loaded with customizable base, sauce and veggies.