Best Milktea Experience In Manila

You can check this Metro Manila’s popular Milktea House.

We love the idea of a refreshing experience combined with the soft and sweet taste of milk tea. Although this drink is from Taiwan, Filipinos embraced and loved the version of it here in the Philippines. It served as a new frappe in Metro Manila, as the young generation are the target market of this milk tea.

You can check this Metro Manila’s popular Milktea House.

Chatime Philippines

Let’s start with one of the popular milk teas not only in Manila but also in the whole world as it has 2500+ branches in 38 countries. They absolutely serve the whole nation with 30 to 90 flavors. It is truly amazing that milk tea gives so many colors and delightful experiences with different varieties of flavors. Cha Time surely fixes it if you have a simple bad day experience!

Photo by Paseocentre

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice Philippines

One solid milk tea that will give you an overflowing with freshness and succulent tastes is Coco Fresh Tea and Juice. They are one of the largest milk-tea chains in the world. As you enjoy one of their flavorful drinks you will have no control on retrying it again. CoCo has over 30 flavors to choose from. They have the basic fruit and milk teas, and you can make it extra special by topping it with the salty cream.—not to mention all the different toppings you can get, too.

Photo by milktea.mnl

Dakasi Philippines

Another milktea with an outstanding reputation is Dakasi Ph. As the logo symbolizes a "celebrity" star which plays the main character of the story, you will surely feel like a celebrity while enjoying this beverage. Dakasi believes in the principle of “customer first” and “service first” and surely developing more varieties of f flavors that great people will enjoy.

Photo by Dakasiph

MACAO Philippines

As the name stated, Macao Imperial Milktea originated in Macau with 400 branches around the world. Like the other milk teas, it serves a one of a kind milk tea. Because of their deeply-rooted approach that highlights a mix of the rich Macanese culture and a delightful experience. Their tea leaves are sourced directly from Macau to give their drinks an authentic taste and the highest quality. Not to mention their best cheesecake milk tea that will surely turn your moment upside down.

Photo by @macaoimperialph