Best Places To Eat In Sutera Mall

There's alot to do in Sutera Mall, so lets check out a few of the most awesome eats available, including some newly opened spots.

1.2 million sqft across 3 retail floors and more than 400 retail outlets, this mall is not small in any sense of the word. So covering the entirety of the place is gonna take a lot of energy. This is why we've gathered 5 best places for you to refuel your tummy.

Haidilao Hot Pot (Sutera Mall)Photo by Haidilao

For Chinese Hot Pot
Recently opened this month, this outlet has everything you would expect from Haidilao. Order from a menu of raw ingredients, and dip them into one of the four provided hot pot broth (spicy Mala being our favorite). For pricing, the broth comes in at RM35+ for the four broth selection, and each plate of raw ingredients ranges from RM5+ (lotus root) all the way up to RM150+ for premium items, like crabs and Wagyu.

Sama Sama CafePhoto by Sama Sama Cafe

For Healthy Food
A chic 70's retro style café with neon lights and some healthy bites. Try out their smoothie bowls, specifically the Avocado smoothie (RM22.90) which came loaded with bananas, strawberries, chia seed, coconut, oats and sunflower seeds.

Restoran wantan Mee DSPhoto by Wantan Mee DS

For Wantan Mee
If you're looking for a quick and simple meal, try out the Wantan Mee here. We recommend the flavorful and satisfying BBQ Pork noodles (RM5.80), which is a bowl of Wantan Mee with some juicy slices of Char Siew. There are also minced pork and shredded chicken variants (RM4.80) each.

Beans Factory Sutera MallPhoto by Beans Factory

For Desserts
Newly opened and ready to take your orders! This outlet opens until 1am and serves up all manner of traditional desserts with some modern twists. Try out the black sesame shaved ice (RM16.90) with grass jelly and sweet potato balls, perfect for the current temperatures we're experiencing. Other notable items include the vibrant Taro Ball Tau Fu Fah (RM14.90) and a mango Yakult smoothie (RM13.90).

LiHO TEA Sutera MallPhoto by LiHO Tea

For Drinks
This Singapore brand of milk and fruit teas is highly popular, and a perfect place to get a quick drink while you take a break from all the shopping you've been doing. We really liked their selection of fruit teas, such as the peach green tea (RM7), strawberry black tea (RM9) but our personal favorite will definitely be their salted caramel milk tea (RM7).