Budget Friendly Snacks You Can Have For 5 Minutes

Cravings may make even the toughest of us weak in the knees, and they usually strike at the worst possible time: after you've finished shopping at the grocery store, or even while just simply walking in the mall.

If you're in a rush, these popular snacks will definitely satisfy you in 5 minutes!


Photo by Turks Instagram

One of the best meaty snacks for me is the Turks Shawarma. People are raving and craving for this snack. You have choices to order. All meat shawarma costs 65 php. You can choose between beef and chicken for your meat. Add 10 php if you want cheese. The best shawarma spot! Beef is incredibly flavorful and excellent! The vegetables were crunchy, and the sauces were delicious. A fantastic mix.


Photo by Mangoong

Eating green, sour, and crunchy mango with bagoong has never been more fascinating or delectable. Mango-Ong shows us how to enjoy our favorite condiment bagoong in a healthier, odor-free, and more tasty way. This food cart in malls is one of the best reasons to enjoy your snacks. So, if we get a craving for a yummy green mango with bagoong, we can now head to the nearby mall and get a dose from the Mango-Ong stall!

La Lola Churerria

Photo by Lalola

One best food that you must try is a delightful churros. But if you're a fan of churros then you will definitely must try La Lola Churreria. It probably has the best churros I've ever tasted in my entire life. Plus they offer La Lola’s Soft Side Mango Espesyal topped with ripe mango chunks, mango ice cream and your favorito, hot & fresh Churro. The Best for summer!

Blu Nektar

Photo by Blu Nektar

Warm up, then cool down. Summer is scorching hot, and you'll need more than sweet drinks to quench your thirst and relax. Quench your thirst with these unique and delicious summer beverages. You will make your thirst fill your hunger too. These sweet treats from Blu Nektar are very affordable and tasty. Not to mention that they are now offering pastries and breads too.

Potato Corner

Photos from Potato Corner

All time favorite finger food! Will definitely finish in less than 5 minutes! Simple french fries that are irresistible with so much flavor that we can have two buckets of them. This is a popcorn substitute for a movie date or a quick snack while shopping at the mall. The barbecue and cheese flavored fries are superb! Any day is made better with Potato Corner.