Featuring Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant (UOB Plaza), Wok Master (City Square Mall), Shi Xiang Ge, Dong Bei Ren Jia, Chong Qing Grilled Fish (Chinatown Complex), Yun Nans (NEX), S-11 (Bishan 504), Canton Paradise (Junction 8), Putien (Marina Square), Lou Yau (Junction 8)
Timo WK
Timo WK

We ordered the patin fish to be served mala style (as recommended by the friendly waitress). The fish was fairly huge, the meat was flaky and succulent with a good bite to it as all fresh fish do. This also came with beancurd skin, cabbage and some sprouts. This was on promotion and the total cost about $50 after gst and service charge. Rating: 8.1/10

Do note that the spiciness level is fixed as the establishment purportedly wants its patrons to experience the authentic flavour profile (the phrase used was εŽŸε‘³). That said, one need not be scared by how red this dish turned out as the spice level was at a pleasant and tolerable level - for someone who generally orders 小辣 for mala xiangguo . The staff were friendly and service was prompt too. Will most definitely recommend this place.

This is supposedly one of their specialties. Dry spicy chicken that's topped with mounds of red chilli and chilli seeds and other spices. Unfortunately, the dish was too spicy for me, but I can understand the appeal of it; for reference - if any of you had the dried crispy duck at yunnans, this is 3x more spicy. $14 for a generous portion.

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This was really good. It's sweet and sour pork which Singaporeans and familiar with, that's fried with a crispy batter over it. In between the batter and the meat, there's this thick and somewhat mochi-esque layer that adds to the mouth feel. $14 for the entire plate, which was very reasonable due to the generous portion. Rating 7.5/10. Would most definitely order this again 😜

Place doesn't accept credit cards. But you can pay with cash, nets or paynow.

Fried eggplants with thick savoury sauce over it, rather different from the eggplants with sweet dark sauce that I have at local places or hawker centres. Cost $10
Rating 6.5/10

Crispy and slightly chewy, with a mouth feel that's very much like prata, albeit not as flaky. It's fairly flavourful on its own because of the scallions. However, one can dip it in any chilli oil sauce for an additional flavour profile. Should eat it while it's hot. Costs $3 Rating 7/10

The final course and dessert of the deep duck secrets buffet course meal. This simple and unassuming bowl was the highlight of the entire meal. The beancurd had a good balance between the homely natural taste of beancurd with a slight hint of sweetness from the osthmantus and goji berry. I will come back to this restaurant just for this dish. Rating for this dish alone 8.7/10.

The rest of the meal was not too bad; do note that only the Peking duck dish is free flow and that the deep duck secrets offering is only valid till end of June 2022.

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The batter was crispy and flaky, but overpowered the taste of the oysters which were average sized. Rating: 6/10

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Third time eating at this branch, but this is the first time ordering this dish. The mushrooms were a lot more flavourful than Yun nan's other mushroom dish that's fried and served with chillies. Would recommend the dish to anyone who enjoys mushrooms.

Rating 7.4/10

I ordered this as a takeaway lunch on a weekday; there's a 20% discount for takeaways.

The dish amounted to about $11 after discount. While the fried rice was not as oily as those that you will find at zichar stalls and the ingredients were fresher, I would say that they pale slightly in comparison in terms of flavour.

That said, great service from the staff.

Great flavorful dish with discernible wok hei and decent portions. Only gripe is that the dish could pack a bit more heat, but that's a personal preference.

Will be back for more

Decided to try this place, didn't regret it.

The tofu was silky smooth; the sauce complemented the tofu but didn't overpower it. There was also a pretty decent portion of crabmeat as well.

Will visit again

Pork Chop Fried Rice - the egg fried rice was pretty good, with the individual grains of rice being coated with a light sheen of oil. However the pork chop was nothing to shout about.

Priced at $6.50, this is on a slightly steeper end of hawker fare. I would still recommend for those uninitiated to give it a try though, just manage your expectations and don't compare this to din tai fung.

Timo WK

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