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Self-service to water is available and the drinks are relatively affordable after using Burpple. Good for meet-ups and first dates. Beverages are not amazing though.

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signature 80% ice cream is quite delicious!
however, need to wait a while for the the ice cream and the cookie which was frozen stiff to thaw.

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Their Sunny Side Chick ($10.80) showcases crispy, fried boneless chicken thigh 🐔 with salted egg cream spaghetti 🍝. Topped with sprinkling of snowy milk powder & crunchy butter cereal, this dish is certainly shiok! 😋 Very creamy!

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For a light meal, opt for their Salted Egg C.F.C Sandwich ($5) 🥪! Sandwiching a boneless fried chicken thigh 🍗 slathered with decadent salted egg mayo sauce ✨️ is fluffy buttered toast 🍞. Very lovely combination! 💗

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i picked Tracy’s Favourite Salad ($20) mainly because it had the longest line of ingredients HAHAHA but i loved that there’s kale (my fav salad base for greens) and the sesame avo, hummus and pumpkin seed dukkah yumzzz

a non-alcoholic cocktail that’s umami from the olives🍸 and zesty from the yuzu🍋

Went for the Australia Wagyu Buffet ($69.80++) for dinner with my partner & it was AMAZING 🤤 drinks are not included so we got the $1 free flow green tea as well (we really liked the tea because tastes like green + rice tea). They have a 90min eating time, which is sufficient if you are not a huge eater. We ate until we were super full and had one cup of complimentary ice cream at the end (can choose from chocolate, vanilla, matcha and mango), which was a lovely icing on top of the cake! 🥩🍨🍵

The kaya bun was crispy and soft. The ee fu mee was nit nice. Noodles were chewy and color doesnt look right. Taste was normal.