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Inspired by time-tested recipes handed down from their grandmothers, the owners of Butter Studio are dedicated to honouring the tradition of crafting home-style bakes from scratch, and they’ve somehow managed to add a playful spin on some familiar favourites! This can be seen in their Gourmet Tarts which range from Sea Salt Nutella ($6.90) and Speculoos Cream Cheese ($6.90) to Raspberry Frangipane ($6.90) and Lemon Meringue ($7.90). Aside from these, they also come up with seasonal specials from time to time so be sure to pop by to see what’s bakin’.

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A bustling place on a weekend morning, this place serves traditional Cantonese dim sum. There was a variety of dishes to choose from. Ordered siew mai and har kau with #BurppleBeyond - 2 for $3.80. Note that the deal is not applicable for special items. We also ordered mango fritters which were our favourite!

Clean, delicate, and comforting, their Paper Fish ($23/ small, 180g) was a nice balance to the heavier flavours found in the other dishes at the table. The hearty hunk of a fish embellished with tomatoes was uber fresh, moist and flaky. Infused with garlic, lime, culantro, and chopped chilli, the steam-baked barramundi had a pleasant tang as well - I would say a distinctive Thai flavour. I like that the spiced marination was kept light and the natural taste of the fish was still able to shine with the condiments.

Tossed with garlic butter, truffle oil, and truffle salsa, the Garlilicious Prawn ($28) was two thumbs up and my favourite of the lot. The sautéed tiger prawns were plump, sweet, and fresh. However, the lip-smacking sauce stole the show for me. Punchy but not too rich, the earthy pool of truffle sauce was umami and moreish - great when paired with a steaming bowl of rice. Not too in your face, the dish had a great balance of garlic and truffle flavour as well so I would highly recommend getting it. The only qualm is that you have to deshell the prawn.

Like what many have said, the HUE’s offerings are not exactly the classic Thai dishes, hence I kept an open mind and really enjoyed all the dishes I ordered.

A great starting dish to share, HUE’s Three Little Pigs ($19) was appetising and flavourful. Think the all-familiar oven-roasted crispy pork belly but stir-fried with an aromatic mix of garlic, coriander, chopped chilli, and white pepper. Not too saucy, the savoury dish had a good dose of heat with a slight herbaceous kick. With a higher fat-to-meat ratio, the protein was tender and surprisingly not cloying at all. Also, love the crunch from the crackling skin.

The unassuming appearance of the Pork Belly Udon when it came took me by surprise (not of the pleasant kind). Looking super plain and lacking in colours, I thought it would be lackluster in flavour too but how wrong was I. After tossing the noodles, the pork belly clung on to the noodles, making each slurp a flavourful one. If you have always been a fan of Taiwanese Pork Belly Rice (or Lu Rou Fan), then you really ought to try this. Recommended!

The Oyster mee sua here is comforting. It was pretty easy to slurp up the whole bowl without realising it.

The bubble teas here are also worth a mention. They came in large cups but is surprisingly, pretty light. It is not as cloying as other milk tea that you get where it gets a bit surfeiting towards the second half of your drink. We finished the ones here at 8 Degrees pretty easily.

Freshly steamed fish soaked in sweet fragrant sauce

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@hambaobao has been on on my radar for five whole years, but the cosmos always intervened somehow. Initially, it was the far flung location, then they closed down, and then when they reopened in Jalan Besar, there were newer and more exciting dining establishments around. Enough procrastination, I finally decided to get myself a Hambaobao.⠀

Their superstar is the Crispy Pork Belly, which now goes at $9.50 nett a pop, and it made perfect sense why at first bite. Five exceedingly chunky slabs of roasted pork belly are drizzled with hoisin sauce, spicy English mustard and tucked between two halves of a burger bun and garnished with slices of Japanese cucumber. There’s so much pork belly, and it’s pretty damn delightful. The rind is severely crunchy, and every bite will result in a slightly deafening crunch as the roasted skin simply shatters. The meat is salted quite simply, but that’s the raison d’être for the hoisin sauce.⠀

The sauce is the ideal amplifier for the fatty pork belly with it’s deep, fragrant umami and tangy sweetness. The fragrance of the spices in the hoisin sauce are the perfect perfume for the simply seasoned pork too. The delectable heat of the English mustard restrains the fattiness & saltiness of the pork & hoisin, and the cucumbers provide even more crunch and a refreshing cleansing of your palate.⠀

The stunningly soft burger buns offered no resistance as I bit into it but I did, for the first time ever, find that the burger buns were too small to contain the meat between. I expended most of my energy futilely trying to hold the burger together, and it got real messy real quick. Cutting a pocket into the bun like it’s a pita would definitely help, but there’s no denying that this Crispy Pork Belly Hambaobao is a damn near perfect burger.

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My friend ordered Lychee Oolong (iced)($8.50). So Lychee oolong served hot but if you wanted not that strong taste for tea and you poured half of the tea from glass first for drinking according to them. My friend felt that tea was really light and not much oolong taste but with hints of Lychee. But if the oolong tea proportion get higher than that and you might not able to taste Lychee already.

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