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Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Her favourite flavour at Baskin Robbins. Surprised how deep the flavour is, and texture was decent too. Not quite sure what's accounting for the deep flavour but the fruitiness was nice as well, doesn't taste too artificial

I hate to say this because I loved their Kaya, but I think standards have really dipped. Same custardly liquid texture, same egginess, but the aroma is much more muted now.

I remember being blown away by the strong pandan and coconut which melded well. Maybe someone else can confirm this? I'll try the gula melaka one instead next time

Taiwanese snack

Thin layer of nutty, sweet and sticky filling w a bit of bite encased in a flaky, buttery pastry. Decent I guess, quite well executed, but I can't rmb the authentic one as it's been so long since I've been to Taiwan. Seems legit to me tho

Freshly killed on the same day and a rarity. Well steamed too with the accompaniments being used well

However the texture is really hard to get used to. It's basically dried glue but softer I guess. Sticky texture (isn't actually sticky), quite a bit of chew, a bit soft, no crunch at all. No taste except for mild fishiness

Except for adventure there's no reason to get this.

Their menu is basically combinations of seafoods for the seafood porridges, just think about what seafood u want and you see if there's a closest match, then add on anything you want. Prices are reasonable so don't worry, but good to ask first because it's all seasonal

Minced pork add on wasn't very generous but good enough, surf clams were numerous. Surf clams and squid were both slightly overcooked though. Crab is decent, not super good but doesn't detract from the experience

Portion is really huge, we thought this could feed 4(it's meant for 2-3), but we struggled and finished everything

Their soup is delicious, it's so unique and unexpected. It's clear and theres the seafood umami but there's something to it. Maybe it's just the pickled veg but it really feels like a lot more. Nonetheless flavour is still clean and it's very comforting yet indulgent. Good stuff overall

Popular for damn good reason. It's creamy and melty but dense and sticks to your teeth. Great as a one biter. U see people getting a few boxes to take home

Flavour wise it's good as expected, what's noteworthy is the particularly strong roasted cheese aroma. Delicious and a must have in JB

First place and only place w SVC and gst we had in the entire day

Everywhere is Swenson's, from the paper to the ice cream and the decorative piece. I don't mean the vibes, it's literally the word everywhere. So not sure why theyre called seasons instead

Nonetheless this was average, as you expect from Swenson's.

This is supposed to be their signature but the rest were more impressive. It's a decent salt baked ckn if not for the fact that it's actl more herbal than salty. Not too bad

Chili was absolutely fiery. Sharp and slightly bitter, go easy but it goes well w the mild ckn

The names mean absolutely nothing, esp the mandarin one. What this is is basically baby french beans that are super crunchy, tossed in fried garlic and crispy seaweed of sorts and ice fish

This gives a mild umami to the dish and excellent texture. Only problem is that it's abit annoying to eat because of how everything is light and liable to be blown away by the fan plus the French beans are too long.

Delicious though, highly recommended

A bit pricey, but this tastes mostly of plums which is weird because the ingredients list is just the fruit, sugar and water. Very strong, very sweet, and very refreshing when diluted sufficiently with melted ice

Very, very good

Not quite sure why but even though it's seems like just a simple tzechar style fried rice that's slightly on the softer side and a bit of wok hei, it's really faultiness and very addictive. Easy to eat yet satisfying, highly recommended

PSA TAKE NOTE banana breads come out at 730am and 1030am strictly or later, and sells out somewhat quickly?(because a lot of people buy a lot...) Buns come out at 1130

Overhyped. What did you expect? Not sure why a cult following developed to the point where people are buying back as middleman and others are taking away piles of it, but it's too much and expectedly no simple banana cake should deserve this much attention

That's not to say it's not worth queueing tho, after all, the queue moves quickly. The texture is pretty soft and honestly it's somewhat rich as well, quite unique. Depending on your preference this might not be your favourite but there's no shortcomings at all.

Tbh it's quite ulu u need to grab here, it's not like it's damn near the checkpoint.

Would travel for food

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