New Restaurants at Wing Expansion of SM Santa Rosa

Yes, you read it right. SM Santa Rosa’s awaited new wing expansion is now open! One of the best things about this expansion is that we can have more stores, restaurants and cafes to enjoy! It truly signifies its tagline “Here at SM! We’ve got it all for you!”

Here’s the list of new restaurants that you may enjoy after shopping!


Photo by Botejyu Philippines

Looking for authentic Japanese Food? It is definitely a place to be. Food was good and the customer service was great. The interior is nice and the seating is very comfortable. I must say that takoyaki and okonomiyaki are really good. Spicy Pork Tonkotsu Ramen is one of the best ramen. If you are kind of sad at the moment? This good food will be a good mood shifter. Surely one of the reasons why you will visit the Wing Expansion. 

Tiger Sugar

Photo by Tiger Sugar Philippines

Milktea time! The Only milk tea with no high added sugar that actually tastes like milk and tea. I already anticipated a very sugary beverage with little discernible tea flavor when I learned Tiger Sugar used brown sugar in their milk tea. However, I couldn't be more mistaken. This is actually one of the best milk tea experiences that make your SM Santa Rosa expansion exploration more enjoyable. 

Everything But Cheese

Photo by Everything But Cheese

Finding a fast food restaurant that offers meals with several types of cheese on them is nirvana for me because everyone loves cheese. Their Bacon Mac & Cheese and Philly Cheesesteak are two of my favorites. I had cheese with rice for the first time, and now I want more. Regarding the Mac & Cheese, although appearing too cheesy, it isn't!  The fondue is the gem of their menu, and I'd highly recommend it.  I will definitely go back to try different foods. The milkshakes are extraordinary, and they go well with the cheesy meals.

J.CO Donuts

Photo by Jco Philippines

After a long day of shopping, you deserved something sweet and soft, and you deserved a J.co! I've eaten a variety of donuts from other companies with a variety of tastes, but after tasting J.CO's donuts, especially the "Alcapone," I can say without a doubt that these are the greatest! Quite addictive! Easy to eat. The SM Santa Rosa’s Branch is not yet operational but it will open soon and ready to serve you.