New Restaurants In Johor July 2022

Check out the new eats that have popped up in Johor In July, featuring Sama Sama Cafe and Soi18.

Similarly to June, business in the state has seen a positive trend, with numerous eateries opening their doors to welcome the return of business as it was prior to the pandemic. Take a look at some of the most interesting eats in Johor.

Sama Sama CafePhoto By Sama Sama Cafe

For Desserts
This new cafe in sutera mall serves up a variety of healthy and well plated desserts. We enjoyed their smoothie bowl selection which had just the right balance of guilt free healthy ingredients and sweetness. The avocado smoothie bowl (RM22.90) was very pleasing, loaded with sunflower and chia seeds, oats, coconut shavings, strawberries, and a creamy avocado blend. Another awesome dessert to try would be the Nutella pancake (RM21.90) which comes served with caramelized bananas, strawberries, blue berries and some granola.

The EsperanzaPhoto By The Esperanza

For Western Food
This new café has a simplistic menu, but it makes up for it with the quality of their dishes. We recommend trying their western selection, especially the black pepper chicken chop (RM16.90) which is a simple cut of boneless chicken flavored with a light but tasty black pepper sauce. Their rice dishes are great as well, with the seafood baked rice (RM19.90) being our favorite due to the lovely pairing of cheese and large tiger prawns.

Beans.Factory (Sutera Mall)Photo By Beans Factory

For Cold Desserts
Not really a new restaurant but a new outlet. Beans Factory is a popular brand in the state and they serve up a variety of traditional and shave ice desserts that will definitely pair well with the unbearably hot Malaysian weather. Try their signature Tau Fu Fah (RM12.90) that is loaded with their famous taro balls, Tangyuan and pearls. For their icy treats, give their new black sesame (RM16.90) a go. The mild nutty flavor of the black sesame and the sweet red beans is a nice pairing.

Soi 18 (Pelangi)Photo By Soi18

For Drinks
Some of you may have known Soi18 as the restaurant along Jalan Dedap, but did you know they have a new fancy looking restaurant in Pelangi? The new outlet serves up everything you would expect from Soi18, including the deep fried bugs, which make for great snacks by the way. Recommended drinks would be the Spy wine cooler (RM56 for 4 different flavors), and their refreshing plum juice (RM7.50).

Kopitiam Singgah Selalu / Boss SeafoodPhoto By Burppler John Barry

For Johorean Cuisine And Seafood
Kopitiam by day and full blown seafood restaurant by night, this new eatery has probably the best food we've stumbled upon recently. The Kopitiam opens from 8am to 5pm, and serves up incredible toasts and local food, like their amazing Nasi Lemak Otak Otak (RM7.90) which not only has a tasty sambal, but the rice is accompanied by the fragrance of fenugreek. After 6pm the menu turns into a fishy (and crustacean-y) affair. We recommend the unbelievably well priced clay-pot prawn fried rice (RM25), which is for 2 pax and comes with 5 massive tiger prawns, an uncountable amount of baby squids, and a generous spread of clams, and mussels.