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Each bowl of mixian comes with beansprouts, beancurd sheet & chives. Ordering was done in 3 steps.

1. Choose Soup Base
2. Choose Toppings
3. Choose Spicy Level

They serve a total of 7 different soup bases such as Wu La Soup (charred pepper & spices), San Suan Soup (SamGor hot & sour), Suan La Soup, Fragrant Clear Soup, Vegetarian Clear Soup and recommended ones like Ma La Soup and Tangy Tomato Soup priced affordably between $5.40 - $6.20. Each topping is priced between $1.30 - $2.50.

I went with the tangy tomato soup base with enoki mushroom and sliced pork topping. The tomato soup looks light and clear with a portion of tomato puree placed above. While I would have loved the broth to be of a thicker consistency, this was actually quite flavourful and slurp-worthy. The servings are generous and the noodles are springy with a texture similar to our thick vermicelli (绮楃背绮). This is something worth considering for a comforting meal on a rainy day.

銆婽angy Tomato Soup $6.60 + Enoki Mushroom $1.30 + Sliced Pork $1.80

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Touched down at Changi in the afternoon and decided to head for an early dinner at Jewel. Having tried Lenu at multiple outlets (Funan, Jem, RWS), we can say that it is one of the chains with pretty consistent standards cross its outlets and a safe choice to go for when you鈥檙e craving a bowl of Chinese style noodles. With noodles cooked to a chewy texture (we actually still prefer Tongue Tip鈥檚 noodles though), the chili oil vinaigrette provided each mouthful with a delicate balance of spice, acidity and umami. The dumplings were also nicely wrapped with a generous chunk of minced pork. For fans of coriander or spring onions, you may request for an additional serving of these herbs to go with your noodles. The servings at Lenu tend to be quite big and you鈥檙e sure to leave the establishment with your tummies satisfied. There is also the ability to top-up your mains with a drink (with options such as green tea and soft drinks) and a side (such as black fungus and braised tofu).

Service was also efficient - our food came shortly after we placed our orders online.

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too little ingredients for $10
taste wise, there鈥檚 a slightly 鈥榤a鈥 taste to it

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As a mala xiao la person, this is not even xiao la. The intestines is very tender and soft, no weird funky smell. Portion is huge. The noodles is not that springy as what I expected. The tomato soup is thick and tasty, not that salty. We got 2 side dishes, pork stomach and cucumber bean curd. I especially love the cucumber as its surprisingly refreshing with the nut sauce. It would be even better if it is cold. The downside is that before the 1-1 it really is expensive, the shop鈥檚 seats are kinda limited. If you are sitting on the counter table, there are wireless charger built in (not all are working).

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For someone that eats mala xiao la, this is definitely a Zhong la for me. Imo, I find that this is a refreshing and tasty bowl of noodle to have on a hot day. The soup is thick, no fishy smell, sour and smooth to drink. Portion is huge too. The side dishes especially the cucumber is surprisingly refreshing. It would be even better if it is cold. The downside is that before the 1-1 it really is expensive, the shop鈥檚 seats are kinda limited. If you are sitting on the counter table, there are wireless charger built in (not all are working).

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Ordered the duck pho and pork salad. Didn't like the pork salad, found it salty and some veggies / herbs were quite strong tasting. The duck pho was not bad! Affordable with Burpple. Was quite empty on a Thursday night, no need to make reservation

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Reiwa Pork Soba - $12
Wakasagi Tempura - $7
Fried Oyster w Fermented Butter - $13

Soba sold there is made with 100% Buckwheat flour, which is healthier in my opinion. Texture is slightly firmer compared to typical soba. The cold soba comes with a mild spicy dipping sauce, and paired with Spanish White Pork slices. I also love their Deep-fried Small Wakasagi Fish, which is coated with Buckwheat flour batter and fried to crisp. Lovely place to taste some staple Japanese food

Soba Kappo Reiwa

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This is so addictive!

Sichuan Alley Noodle - Telok Ayer Singapore, 51A Telok Ayer St, #01-01, Singapore 048441

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We are back at Go Noodle House for their signature mi xian noodles in soup mixed with huadiao wine! The soup was great as usual and we downed it all, since the huadiao wine gave the soup a sweet aroma and gave the soup a very distinct flavour that we like.

Instead of going for the regular meatballs, we decided to go for the bursting Balls today, which are very similar to Fuzhou fishballs as they contain minced meat with a pork-based broth encased within. Do be careful when eating the bursting balls as the broth within may be pretty hot. 馃槰

Would be back next time to try their dry pan mee!

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Recurring customer for their prawn noodles, so good! 馃挴

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