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The pistachio colour looks a bit off…. So maybe it wasn’t fresh. But still tastes good, not too sweet. Worth it with the burpple deal ~ do make sure to check the opening hours. Shop was open on a Tuesday but was unable to redeem the deal because of the opening hours listed on burpple.

𝐇𝐨𝐥𝐲 𝐜𝐨𝐰 ($18) was generously loaded with beef slices, combined with garlic butter, chimchurri, sunny egg, and cheddar. Personally found the juicy beef to be chewy and under-seasoned, especially when eaten all together in a big sandwich bite. More of the savory garlic butter and refreshing herbaceous sauce would have certainly elevated this, and found eating the sandwich with one instead of two layers of bread to better allow the flavours through.

Insta: cafehoppingkids

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We ordered Lobster Avocado Caviar, lobster meat wrapped with avocado and topped with salmon roe with caviar and savoury sauce.
Some people might find it too rich, but for my family, we like it 😋.
📍Olivia restaurant and lounge.
55 Keong saik road, #01-03

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Well some people would love this dish and you have no reason not to get this as well. Pairs well with a bowl of bak kut teh.

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Another side dish worth getting would be this braised fried beancurd. Soft and chewy with every pieces.

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This is always a nice place to have some warm bowl of bak kut teh, and never stop me to return back for more.

This time I also gotten some other dishes from the menu, such as this one. The braised pig’s trotters comes with juicy and chewy skin.

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my favourite of the lot - unassuming but packs a punch. seasoned with mediterranean sea salt and ample of crisp kombu, a perfect addition to the piping hot fries. a dish i’d definitely reorder when i’m back.

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if you’re looking for an umami filled dish, this is it. relish in soft and fresh aburi scallops, the perfectly seasoned and al dente capellini coated with layu then topped with ikura and shio kombu. the magic here was the white wine & layu combi that had a good spicy kick and helped cut through the strong flavours. not sure if the recipe was tweaked but i enjoyed the dish this time round more than i had it in 2020, so kudos to the chefs!

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first off, visuals, 10/10. secondly, it’s a perfect definition of a loaded sandwich - i’d not recommend eating this on your first date (or rather, first 3 dates).

this thick sando was filled with crispy chicken thigh with a medley of their secret KFC sauce, crisp purple slaw & a tad of spice kick with their chilli mayo. it was filling, tasty but didn’t wow us. i’d say this would be great if you’re a solo bruncher looking for a quick fix!


If you are alone or a little more budget conscious, you can get Wako Niku's signature yakiniku meats for $8 per 100g.

The meats are a mix of karubi and loin "scraps" marinated in one of their three signature sauces - the original, aka (i.e. spicy) or shiro (salt based). I personally prefer their original and shiro sauce but those who like a fiery kick will definitely like their aka sauce!

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Buttermilk Waffle
w Triple Scoop - $17.90
Strategically located next to traffic light at the back of 313 Somerset, the shop gets plenty of attention. Cozy shop space gets filled up quickly. Majority of their ice cream flavours are alcoholic, Premium +$1 and Double Premium + $2. In frame are Kahlua Cheesecake, Guinness Pistachio and Rum & Raisin. I love the gao gao Rum & Raisin flavour, which is so addictive to me
The Ice Cream Bar

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The season 3 menu, which they have available till the end of August, also offered the perfect summer treat, Anmitsu. Chilled Kanten jelly drizzled with Kuromitsu and embellished with azuki beans, chewy dimpled shiratama as well as seasonal fruits (sweet red plum wedges, melon, and juicy shine muscat grapes). Not at all cloying, there was a fun medley of textures, and the fruits tasted real fresh. The choice of tea pairing, the gyokuro genmaicha was splendid too. Highly aromatic, the distinct toasty flavour of the genmaicha blended really well with the grassy and earthy sweetness of the green tea blend. Very smooth and not overly punchy.

And eventually at the end, during the 1-hour slot, I caved and bagged home some tableware since I could use the booking credits to offset purchases above $50. 

Part of the $30 U C H I experience

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