Ramen Adventure Around SM Mall Of Asia

Ramen is a well-known Japanese dish but popular now in the Philippines. It is completely a reliable comfort food for Filipinos. This is one of the best influences from other countries and the impact of this cuisine is undeniably delightful. Luckily for all the foodies, there’s so many open Ramen restaurants around Pasay.

Ramen Nagi (SM MOA)

Photo by ramennagimanila

The Best tasting authentic Japanese ramen in the Philippines is Ramen Nagi. They first opened their Manila branch last December 2013 in SM Aura which was then followed by a second branch in SM Mall of Asia. Their most common ramen menu is called the Butao King, a non-spicy ramen noodle topped with a tonkontsu pork-bone based ramen that features a broth cooked for over 20 hours. Another famous ramen in their menu is the Squid King. It utilized the squid in its full glory, with black sauce marinated whole squid served with squid ink noodles, blackened garlic, black sesame seeds together with chashu, black ball (minced pork) artfully plated over a generous base, featuring the iconic Tonkotsu broth and squid ink broth.

Uma Uma Ramen (SM MOA)

Photo by umaumaph

One of the best ramen restaurants in Pasay is Uma Uma Ramen. It has more than 60 years of ramen-making experience from Fokuoka.It serves authentic 100% MSG free Hakata-style ramen made with thin noodles and aromatic tonkotsu stock from an old hand down family recipe. It’s for ramen lovers looking for unique signature bowls. The Umami flavor is very pronounced in the broth, the noodles had the correct firmness and basically there is nothing I can say but, EXCELLENT!

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka (SM MOA)

Photo by @hokkaidoramen

This ramen paradise is in SM Mall Of Asia, it has a delightful taste. Broth soup is yummy to match with their soft boiled egg and ramen noodles. The ramen was so flavorful, pork was so soft like it melts in your mouth and the tamago was perfectly cooked. The restaurant faces the Manila Bay so you have a choice of eating out on the patio in full view of the water, cooled by a nice ocean breeze. This will give an awesome and will give a marvelous dining experience.

Ippudo Ramen (SM MOA)

Photo by ippudoph

The popular ramen house known for its authentic Hakata-style ramen from Fukuoka, Japan is located on the second floor of the North Wing of Mall of Asia. Enjoy a trip for your taste buds that will transport you to Japan, which won’t break the bank. You may try the Shoyu Tonkotsu. It has a deep flavor from a combination of shoyu (soy sauce) dashi, meaty chashu floss, garlic chips, and a torched pork belly chashu on top. Enjoy ramen with a sushi-line up on the side.

Mitsuyado Sei-Men (SM MOA)

Photo by mitsuyadoseimenph

Another place for Ramen lovers is the Mitsuyado Sei-Men as the authentic flavors of Japan twirl into everyone’s mouth. You must have their Tsukemen, it is their bestseller. Tsukemen is a ramen dish in Japanese cuisine consisting of noodles which are eaten after being dipped in a separate bowl of soup or broth. Not to mention the restaurant’s IG worthy interior. You must visit this place with your special someone to try these menus.