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Serving authentic Japanese fare and drinks, Nanami Izakaya that’s located at Tanjong Pagar is the perfect spot for a quick lunch or an after-work gathering with your colleagues! Opt for their donburis during lunch and go for their selection of sashimi in the evening. We reckon the Salmon Belly Sashimi ($13) and the Scallop Sashimi ($12) would go great with a couple of pints of beer.
📸 Burppler: Alicia Ng

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This place offers unique Russian cuisine in the heart of the CBD that isn’t often found in many other places! I ordered a buddy meal set and really enjoyed the unique food!

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Decent food, worth it w Chope vouchers 😊

Wanted to try this as I saw it on social media. Ordered the egg appam ($2.80).

It tasted like thosai and pancake combined and I generally like it but probably minus the pepper in the future.

Came here for the popular char siew & roast meat rice ($5, cause we upsized). As usual, the char siew is the most delicious one with its unique flavorful meat. The roast meat which is usually my favourite cannot matched up with the char siew. However, is still a dish overall I would queue for. I am surprised that the price still remain even after the pandemic.

The steamed dumpling ($4.80) was quite disappointing for me as being a specialised dumpling stall, I had a high expectation, however I feel that the meat filling is not firmed and soft. Also, there is no burst of flavour of sort.

We are back at Cherki as we were pleased to find that the restaurant extended it's stay on Burpple Beyond, plus we really like their fusion peranakan cuisine. Today, we decided to try the braised pongteh lamb shank, which comes with a huge lamb shank served alongside a small serving of blue pea flower rice and achar. The lamb shank was braised for quite a long duration in a fermented bean paste and the meat was definitely no longer gamey, and the sauce covering the lamb shank had a slight nutty taste to it. However, we felt that the lamb meat could have been more tender, as parts of it were quite tough.

The rice was pretty fragrant although as in our previous reviews, we felt that the serving size could be larger to make for a more filling meal. The dish costs $24++ although you should use your Burpple Beyond vouchers if you have them to enjoy a discount. 😋

Cherki was packed to the brim on a Friday night and if you are ever thinking of visiting on a Friday nightz you need to make a reservation in advance!

Key Lime Tart with Chia Seed - $12
Sweet sour Key Lime Tart with key lime curd topped with fluffy meringue, in a baked crust. There are traces of nutritious chia seeds mixed in. Great tea break pick
Cafe Kreams

It was ok. No special seasoning. Can’t go too wrong with fried stuff. Was quite average for me

The bun was fried well with crispy outside and soft inside. Meat was tender and went well with the bun

Cheap and tasty dish. Breaking the egg and mixing into the rice was nice. Good for starter

Was at Cherki on a Friday night for dinner and the place was really packed. Thankfully, we already made reservations on Chope.

As we previously tried the lobster linguine and really liked it, both of us ordered the same dish again. The linguine was cooked to an al dente texture, and the laksa flavors were infused nicely as the gravy (which wasn’t too watery) coated each strand of pasta. The addition of tau pok pieces that soaked up the rich coconut-based sauce made this dish reminiscent of the hearty traditional laksa we’re familiar with.

Other than the half lobster that was served in the shell on the side, lobster pieces were also hidden in the linguine. The lobster was on the smaller side, understandably so because of the price. I found mine to be a bit fishy that day but the partner found his to be fine.

We also shared a side dish - chicken satay in peanut sauce encased in pappadom shells. While the name suggests that the chicken pieces are wrapped in regular tortilla found in Mexican dishes, the use of crispy crackers we enjoy in our Nasi Briyani was rather ingenious. The chicken pieces were coated in a slightly sweet peanut-based sauce, which was a bit sweet for my liking but would remind you of the traditional satay sauce. While novel, the price is a bit on the high side for the portion given. However, it can be something interesting to try in a group, where one can experience Indian and peranakan flavors all in one dish.

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