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COVID-19 dine-in restrictions: Continue to enjoy 1-for-1 deals for takeaways at these participating restaurants on Burpple Beyond! Stay safe everyone!

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Got 1-1 double cup, it’s a good deal, ice cream is creamy and delicious, love the salted butterscotch and Smores.

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Inspired by time-tested recipes handed down from their grandmothers, the owners of Butter Studio are dedicated to honouring the tradition of crafting home-style bakes from scratch, and they’ve somehow managed to add a playful spin on some familiar favourites! This can be seen in their Gourmet Tarts which range from Sea Salt Nutella ($6.90) and Speculoos Cream Cheese ($6.90) to Raspberry Frangipane ($6.90) and Lemon Meringue ($7.90). Aside from these, they also come up with seasonal specials from time to time so be sure to pop by to see what’s bakin’.

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Self-service to water is available and the drinks are relatively affordable after using Burpple. Good for meet-ups and first dates. Beverages are not amazing though.

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Felt cheated when using Burpple. This is not even one for one. How can one large of milk tea cost $9. Original price on menu is $4.20 only and in fact I am paying more when using Burpple.

signature 80% ice cream is quite delicious!
however, need to wait a while for the the ice cream and the cookie which was frozen stiff to thaw.

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Pint & Dine is a one-of-a-kind culinary establishment with a menu that’s very much inspired by the idea of simple and honest cooking. Their K-Chick Waffle ($18) which consists of the classic fried chicken and waffles combination with an added side of kimchi and onion rings is exemplary of that. Take a bite and you’ll know what we mean!

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I ordered two drinks using the burpple 1-for-1 deal. Out of the list of drinks redeemable under the deal, only 3 were available. Upon ordering, we found that the price of 1 large drink (without toppings) was $9, which is roughly twice the price of other similar large drinks e.g. we ordered a large jasmine milk tea for $9 while a milk tea is listed as $4.20. That is more than 100% mark up! The shop also intentionally left the redeemable drinks off the menu to make things unclear and to allow them to charge $9 for a drink. Service was extremely slow as well as the staff is also serving at prima deli next door - waited more than 10 minutes to even have my order taken. Don't mean to blame the staff as he seems overworked already - I think this is an unfair and bad arrangement made by the owner(s) of the shops.

Ordered Coconut and Horlicks with #BurppleBeyond - 2 cups @ $4.00. We preferred the latter as we found the coconut ice cream too crumbly and milky. Can get a little crowded but a nice place to chill nonetheless!

The pistachio colour looks a bit off…. So maybe it wasn’t fresh. But still tastes good, not too sweet. Worth it with the burpple deal ~ do make sure to check the opening hours. Shop was open on a Tuesday but was unable to redeem the deal because of the opening hours listed on burpple.