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Lamb, chicken kebabs, chicken shish taouk, half grilled chicken, and lubnani bread.

If you ever want to experience star Hadramout in a single dish, this is it.

Beyond members get this with every main dish ordered.

It's a sweet dessert that is perfect to end the very large meal we had just now.

Think soup, but it's more lamb than liquid.

This delicious clay pot filled with meaty spiced goodness is to be eaten with bread, and it's basically your entire day's worth of protein in one really delicious serving.

Tabbouleh, hummus, muttabal, salad, Baba ghanoush, and fattoush (hey the last two rhymes)
This itself is already like a whole meal, made with super foods and decorated with olives, no wonder everyone is so big and healthy in the middle East.

This family meal is about RM180 and is able to feed a family of 6.

Also they're on Beyond so you get free Kunafa as dessert which is nice.

The rice platter is the star of the show, as the silky savoury mix of Madghout, Mandi and Maqlouba is so filling! The lamb, the chicken.. ITS ALL GOOD!

Breaking news! Prawn meat goes incredibly well with mee rebus sauce!

The interior of the prawn (which was already flavoured with a sweet and sour sauce) absorbs the flavour of the mee rebus sauce.

This affords a sweet, savoury and mildly spicy package to the prawn meat.

Take the legendary mee rebus, and add some crispy fried chicken to it.

The fried chicken is spiced with a very feint aroma of fennel, coriander and cumin.

It's a peach fruit tea.

For those who fear excessive sweetness, rest assured, this is not a diabetes inducing beverage.

Mildly sweet, with the main flavour coming from the natural fruity taste.

Made with grapefruit extract and concentrated tea.

This drink will perk you up even during the hottest of afternoons.

A welcomed treat after slurping down their signature mee rebus

This one is a little overkill when you see how it's made.

The espresso base comes from an espresso machine, so does the steamed milk, which are then poured into an ice blender and served.

For the price I feel like they're under charging us customers, because other stores would just use instant coffee or regular kopi o with condensed milk to make this.

Regarding the taste, it's a light and foamy ice blended, the coffee taste is present, but as always is overshadowed by the dairy.

This drink goes well with all of their offerings, including the cakes and desserts.

A tangy berry flavoured mix, with some sweet and tarty afternotes hidden in the carbonation.

Perfect with the creamy mee rebus.

You would assume the drink will be a cheap sugar filled one, but you'd be wrong.

It's very light and the carbonation gives it an airy and refreshing taste.

Not too sweet, perfect to pair with the nasi lemak