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All About Penang

Featuring Chulia Street Night Hawker Stalls, Tai Tong Restaurant (大東酒樓), Air Itam Laksa, Annex Pasar Air Itam, Soul Cafe, The Daily Dose Cafe, Hon Kei Food Corner (漢記小食店), Kedai Kopi Seow Fong Lye, Kong Thai Lai Coffee Shop 广泰来茶室, KFC (Penang International Airport)

Apom (RM 0.50 / PC) waiting time around 15 to 30 mins depends on the queue and it's really need to eat immediately after serving. But I was busy with showering, I didn't eat Apom straight away and it's really not soggy.

I really like the variety and choice of fish (non-fried & fried fish and fish head), prawn (different size from medium to x-large) and pork (minced pork, brain, kidneys, tripe, intestine, liver and heart) can be matched with noodles (vermicelli, thick and thin noodle) or porridge. They also selling salted veg / bitter gourd mixed pork (meat ball / intestine / streaky meat / minced pork / tripe / liver) soup with rice (white / yam). My sister choose fresh fish meat soup (RM 11.90) with thick noodle (RM 3.90). They didn't like to eat pork organ part especially in the morning and I usually the one to like to eat intestine and kidneys but I was quite full having lor mee that time. I felt that fresh fish meat with thick noodle was quite savoury probably due to fish roe and fihs meat didn't have much "fishy" smell and quite sweet aftertaste.

Roti Kaya & Butter (Sliced - 6 Pieces) (RM 2.80) was quite crispy and kaya was quite thick than butter.

Half-Boiled Eggs (2 Pieces) (RM 2.30) was served in coffee cup and can be dipped with Roti Kaya & Butter

Honey Lemon Juice (RM 4.50)

Iced Almond 'C' Drink (RM 3.30) I didn't heard of Almond 'C' Milk drink before and it was seldom selling at Singapore. The taste for Almond was quite strong and thick texture.

Variation of Citrus (RM 20) consisted of different herbs, fruit and nut included blood orange sorbet, lemon curd, cucumber, lemon grass, orange, almond. I realised the dessert serving was quite small size but the taste for dessert was surreal between sour and sweet. It's so cooling and refreshing effect after a long day of walk and hot weather at there.

Hot Chocolate Drink (RM 12) consisted of Chocolate and Milk. It look so delicate and atas for latte art. I felt its quite thick texture and creamy rich chocolate aftertaste. I want to try Premium Matcha Frappe (RM 19) but I really done for the day itself and decided to order something else instead.

Roasted Tea Latte (RM 12) consisted of Roasted Tea and Milk. It look so delicate and atas for latte art.

Green Tea White Chocolate With Crunchy Biscuit Balls (RM 35) was quite sweet probably white chocolate without putting refrigerator. Need to put refrigerator, it become not that sweet and quite crunchy having biscuit balls. I kinda regretted to buy one box right now because it's not coming with the packet type.

Handmade Mochi Milk (Green Tea with Red Bean Filling) (5 pieces - RM 9.50) was quite soft to chew and outer skin (green tea) was not that sweet but a bit of mild bitter include with filling (Red Bean) complement and increase sweet taste.

I felt Mocha Praline Latte (Venti) (hot) taste for milky and creamy bittersweet chocolate drink and drizzled with mocha sauce.

3 Pieces Combo Meal (1 - Original Recipe Chicken + 2 - Hot & Spicy Chicken) Original Chicken is quite warm but Hot & Spicy Chicken was quite hot and crispy after serving. It comes with colesaw (regular), whipped potato (regular) and pepsi black.

Final Breakfast @ Coffee Shop before heading back to home. Most of people would realised that I always ordered Teh C (RM 1.30) (Black Tea without sugar and milk - milk tolerant) hard to find toilet around coffee shop area to be honest. My sister they always ordered Teh O Susu (Tea with Milk and less sugar) (RM 1.50). Fried Koay Teow (RM 6.50) located at outside of the coffee shop and need to find person for order food. Roti (bread) Mentega (Butter) & Kaya (RM 1.00 ea) was quite crispy and a bit dry aftertaste. Roti (with egg) was quite crispy and a bit moisture after adding two egg. Add on: egg (RM 1.00 ea) for dipping with roti.

Drumstick Pika Pika Cone (RM 2.50 or 3) taste like caramel but its pecan flavour, topped with almond nuts and wrapped with chocolate cone. I really the chocolate sauce flow throughout the ice cream until the tip of ice cream. I wanted to eat first day of the trip but I managed to clear on last night of the trip before leaving Penang. I want to buy Top Ten Matcha Ice Cream at 7-Eleven but I saw the long queue when I go into the shop.


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