All About Sushi

All About Sushi

Featuring Sushi Tei (VivoCity), Shin Kushiya (VivoCity), Sushi Tei (NEX), Sushiro (Isetan Scotts), Lucky Cat, Aki Sushi & Grill (Plaza Singapura), Sushiro (Causeway Point), Empire Sushi

Tofunagi Maki ($12) I found that its quite ex and its still a bit hot after I gojek back to home (got free rides for vaccine) . I tried it once I return back to home. They even drizzle unagi and mayo sauce and a bit strong taste for sauce when in hot. But once maki turned cold, I felt that they got strong fried tofu taste. (3/5)

Flamed Salmon Sashimi Maki ($15.60) got different set for this dish (ikura - spicy 🥵 & bonito flakes - non-spicy) devil 😈 vs angel 😇 sushi feast

Sake Overload ($22.60) consisted of salmon belly,  salmon and salmon roe (egg) such a feast for salmon 🍣 dish 😱

Salmon Sashimi ($4.80) / Salmon with Onion ($2.20) / Salmon with Basil Cheese (my sister and i felt that it's so-so only but it's quite strong taste for cheese. / Salmon with Cheese ($2.20) (my sister and i felt that it's quite gd as the taste for cheese is nt that strong.

Matcha Catalana (March - Seasonal Menu) ($3.50) was quite hard surface and need to be got some strength 💪 to cut thru the cake. Similar concept to creme brulee. I like their bitter taste for matcha 👍

Didn't expected that their premium eel ($3.20) was quite gd but boiled conger eel ($2.20) was quite plain in terms of taste and also grilled eel (3.2o) got soft bones inside eel.

Dai Dai Roll ($13.50)
- mango & fresh vegetable sushi roll topped with smoked salmon
- sweet and sour taste from mango mixed with smoked salmon

Mini California Maki ($6.30)
- avocado, cucumber, crab meat and omelette with smelt roe
- no avocado and omelette was available into the sushi, left cucumber and crab meat (mixed with mayo)

Kagoshima Pork Salad ($10.90)
- fresh vegetable mixed with pan fried japanese pork include onion topped with sesame dressing - japanese pork was quite chewy and soft texture mixed with fresh vegetable

Unakyu Maki ($6.30)
- eel & cucumber
- always order in my sushi list whenever go to sushi conveyor belt / restaurant

Salmon ($8.80)
- fresh salmon without rice
- topped with soya sauce & wasabi


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