All About Yogurt

All About Yogurt

Featuring JUJU (Botanic Gardens), Yanmi Yogurt, HAYO, Fresco (AMK Hub), Moo Moo Yogurt (AMK Hub), Hey Yogurt (VivoCity), Smöoy (Funan), Yomie's Rice x Yogurt (Hougang)

Hojicha Yogurt ($6.00) w Red Bean ($0.60) (2/5) frm yomie hmmm I felt that yogurt taste not like strong compared to when I tried their purple rice yogurt. Hojicha was not really strong roasted teat flavour also. but I could not sip much azuki (red bean) with hojicha as red bean was being hidden on bottom of the drink sadly. :")

Classic + 2 toppings ($5.50) (matcha sauce frm matchaya was quite thick and matcha taste ✅💚 + chocolate bit such as white, milk and dark was mixed) I did wanted to try their Matcha Yogurt (Seasonal Flavour) since last Dec but it always missed it 🥲

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Oh yes, I finally completed Matcha Yogurt (w Purple Rice) except taro. Matcha (PurpleRice) Yogurt (L Size / less Sugar / less Sugar - $6.90) But I really like Purple Rice topping that it was quite sweet and fresh made. I felt that matcha taste like jasmine green tea taste tbh.

Matcha (Red Bean) Yogurt (M Size / 50% Sugar / 50% Sugar - $5.90) But I felt like red bean topping that it was quite sweet and fresh made. I felt that matcha taste like jasmine green tea taste tbh. Probably I go for or purple rice next round of again. If you order any Drink, got free card and need to drink until 6th drink (FOC) 😅

Matcha Coconut Shake ($4.80) for my opinion, I felt weird after I try the drink out for first time. Probably it was matcha didn't impressed me much that they didn't use good standard for matcha powder but the coconut really so-so and didn't have strong "coconut" taste. I just preferred mr coconut tbh over this?

Hey Matcha ($7.50) got that lighter matcha (green tea) flavour for yogurt so I didn't expected that. I preferred light over heavy taste or flavour for yogurt as I didn't get bloated so easily plus most of yogurt shop made me so full or bloated. I felt that one serving of the drink can be a lunch or dinner for me already and mainly for people who didn't wanted to eat normal meal :") They got 3 drinks for $15 promotion until 31 January 2021 so you can go with your friends for sharing cost of yogurt.

Finally tried Azu-Hayo-Cha ($8.30) after seeing @betterbebittersweet @my_matcha_moments reviews and also my sister tagged with my by ordering Yuzu Beautiful ($6.80). In the end, I preferred Yuzu Beautiful than Azu-Hayo-Cha. My sister asked me that she just doubt me why I even buy this expensive drink and praised me to be so brave for trying their Yoghurt drink. 😂 I DOUBT MYSELF TO BE THINKING THIS YOGHURT OR MATCHA LATTE WHEN I SIP ON FIRST TRIED 🥴. YOGHURT > MATCHA 🤔 Yuzu Beautiful was quite nice and refreshing that even my sister think fruit based can matched well with Yoghurt and I agreed with her for this 🖐️. I didn't intended to try again and will be trying another brand instead.

Matcha (Oats) Yogurt ($6.90) was quite unique and interesting drink that I did saw purple rice or red bean or taro toppings b4. But I really like oats topping that it was quite chewy and fresh made. I felt that matcha got that jasmine green tea taste. Probably I go for red bean or purple rice next time again. If you order L Size Drink, got free boba carrier. 😅

Chocolate Oat (M Size - $8.50) (Christmas Flavour) was really milky and sweet chocolate taste for me tbh. Not that strong chocolate taste but at least I managed to try for first time.

Acai (M Size - $8.50) was really sour and strong berries aftertaste that I tried once. But seriously I wanted to taste other flavours next time.

Purple Rice Yogurt (Yanmi Yogurt) ($4.30) recommended by my foodie friend and I did enjoyed so much and didn't regretted for order this again. So their yogurt taste much better, also lighter and can taste purple rice bits instead of blended lol. I have bookmark this yogurt store for long time but I didn't have right timing for ordering drink :"(. Oh yes I managed to go places that I wanted to go so long time and pls look forward for upcoming food reviews :D


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