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I shortened the name.
This is a plate for 4 to 5 pax of some amazing kung-fu fried rice, topped with a mildly sweet serving of eel, similar to Unagi.

That's the title from the menu.
In summary, it's a collection of mushrooms and broccoli in a thick creamy abalone sauce, with gelatinous fish lips and herbs.

Gosh that's a long name.

This is part of their new and improved menu, absolutely tender chicken accompanied by a herbal and earthy broth made with the lotus this and lotus that (yes I'm tired)

Very good stuff!

Marinated chicken breast stuffed with mushroom and cheese & baked in oven with 2 choice of sides dishes for RM21.90.

Nice tender cut (ordered medium rare)
The meat is not the most expensive but it's a steak nonetheless.
Don't expect any marbling or fat on it.

Every diner gets a bun and mushroom sauce dip here.

But is surprisingly soft and fluffy

Order any meat dish and add on RM4 for a selection of drinks.
Sweet peach tea, great for washing down the steak you just ate

Very "Kaw" and very tasty, I love how the ice is not inside the coffee, so you can slowly enjoy this undiluted for extended periods.

A nice amount of peanut butter on perfectly done toast, this one is pretty worth the price

Could benefit from some pepper and salt in the egg mayo, overall pleasant, but not something to write home about

Brown Sugar Deerioca Milk Tea (RM12.90)
We got the brown sugar deerioca milk and it was better than what I had in Singapore! The pearls cooled down and became tough quite quickly but it was still fragrant in flavour 😋

📸 & ✍🏻 by Burppler Ethel Tan

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