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Pricey but very filling

Truly enjoyed the spice

One of the best shrimp dishes I've ever eaten. Asked to staff to find out more and was told the culinary team procures this item fresh daily. Really appreciate the attention to detail here.

Wonderful atmosphere and ambience at [email protected] Would totally come here just for the vibes but what’s even better is that the food is amazing as well 🤤


Absolutely not worth it for the price, the shrimp was coated in a thick layer of cheese which actually takes away from the taste from the already well seasoned shrimp.

My advice to them is that they should instead make a creamy layer of garlic butter and a little bit of cheese instead.

Mojito + grape juice, a little too pricey for the quality

For some reason the Connors here is a little rusty and "burnt"

Must be the new compressor, this is the best tasting pint of carlsbers I've ever tatset (I hate Carlsberg)

The sea bass was cooked perfectly and the dish delivered just the right amount of spice. Excited to come back and try their other dishes ✨

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JJ Wine & Tapas bar is not only a restaurant but a wine and spirits store as well, as such you can expect a wide selection of alcoholic beverages to be available, the prices for bottles vary but expect to spend upwards of RM100 per bottle of wine. Burppler Klay Eats enjoyed their cheese baked rice (RM25), and warned anyone who was "lactose intolerant" to "definitely stay away from", it as a testament to the rich cheese used in the dish.
📸 & ✍🏻 by Burppler Klay Eats

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This is the best Gyudon in Johor.
I absolutely love it.
Beef is tender and juicy, spilling with umami.
The rice, pickles, and eggs are on point, and meld so well.

It tastes like a homecook meal, paired with suntory premium malts it's just a phenomenal experience.

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To my knowledge this is the only place in Johor where you can get this beer on tap

Costs rm23 but totally worth it.

The crisp and fresh flavour of the beer is preserved, and tastes as if you got it at an Izakaya in Shinjuku.

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