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The fruit tarts have interesting chocolate bases

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Used to come here for lunch when I am working around this area, counted and it has been 10 long years. Happily, drop by for a meal since I am passing by here.

Their broth is not those very gao type but has a subtle sweetness that I really like it. Please don’t have too high expectations on the prawn as it’s sliced into half which is not so meaty. The pork ribs are quite tender which you should order the mixed version.

Location: Geylang Prawn Noodle, 327 Upper Paya Lebar Rd, Singapore 534947

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The rainy weather is perfect for hot and hearty food, such as the frog leg porridge from Hong Chiang Eating House! Their frog legs are always very tender and fresh, as is their other seafood offerings.

We gotten the cooking style of ginger onion, the taste was good. There’s also choice of Thai style cooking.

I think I found myself one of the favourite restaurant in Singapore. After my first meal here, I have fallen in love with their food.

So here I am again trying on more items from their menu. Today I gotten the cai po omelette, also one of their popular item.

It was truly a heaven when I first bite on it. The texture was so soft and fluffy! Making it so addictive that I don’t mind getting another piece.

Last but not least, their stingray is definitely a must to order here. The small size is enough for 2 person to enjoy.

The sambal remain on point and tasty.

I have to say this one of the best lady fingers I have tasted in Singapore.

The sambal was super tasty and cooked well with the lady fingers, equally blend the taste with all of them.

Get the porridge separately so you could eat it together with all the dishes you order such as the frog leg, stingray and vegetable.

I still remember passing this place and always seeing lots of people eating here.

This month I finally found the chance to see why so many people supporting this place.

A very Malaysia style of coffee shop, serving some super good foods such as their signature frog leg.

Initially I want to grab the frog porridge, but was told the taste could be even better without mixing with the porridge in the claypot.

I do agree as the sweet taste didn’t diluted with the porridge. So you could order the porridge separately instead.

We gave this another chance and the noodles weren't rubbery this time, so no complaints.

Chicken, squid, king mushroom, Taiwan sausage, bacon-wrapped enoki. The bacon-wrapped enoki was the best, capturing their complementary flavours well. Like the last time, the chicken was easy to like, but tbh the meat here feels cheaper than other joints. The Taiwan sausage was the worst. For something so easy to recreate, theirs tasted like mock meat.