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Obviously THE BEST SUSHI in Batu pahat!!
The Japanese curry chicken rice cost only for RM5! also the fried chicken katsu is suprisingly tender and juicy (Which I don't expect for something that cost RM5)
The sushi assortment was great too!
everything taste fresh unlike those supermarket sushi.
I regret not trying their "fresh salmon" which was recommended by the shop owner :(
RM16~20 pax / DIRTCHEAP
TASTE / 4.69/5
I will comeback to try their salmon dish and I do HIGHLY recommend this place if you are broke and want to get good sushi!

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The best Nasi lemak in Yong peng because it's the only nasi lemak in Yong peng.
Also make sure to try their Teh ice, it's REALLY good!
Rm8 pax / Normal
Taste / 2.6/5 meh
BUT Teh ice 5/5 OOOUUU🔥🔥🔥

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Briyani with sweet savoury mutton curry, the large portion is the main gimmick to dine here, it's also always crowded so prepare to que.

You can also order individual plates if you're alone.