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Pig liver is believed to be highly nourishing and also improves oneโ€™s eyesight. That being said, I absolutely need to eat it frequently! ๐Ÿค“

These thinly sliced liver from the popular Leng Kee fish soup stall at Bukit Timah food centre is perfectly tender and cooked nicely with slight-pinkish in the middle [without any of the gamey smell!].

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The chendol stall is definitely one of the highlights at Beauty World Food Centre and you will almost certainly find a queue at this stall. The stall sells chendol with a generous serving of pandan-flavoured jelly, topped with a decent amount of gula melaka syrup, which makes for a sweet ending to your meal at the hawker centre. We paid an additional $1.50 for the scoop of D24 durian, which was a legit scoop of durian puree that you should definitely consider if you love durian. We will definitely go for this stall when we have a meal at this hawker centre. ๐Ÿ˜‹

A cozy cafe located along Lorong Kilat, it was intriguing to see the tables made from vintage sewing machines. We ordered the Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict and Croque Monsieur with additional 2 eggs with #BurppleBeyond - 2 plates for $22. Worth it for the food quality!

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Based in Upper Bukit Timah, Carpenter & Cook is an artisanal bakery and cafรฉ that uses quality ingredients and traditional techniques to create hand-crafted pastries from scratch. This includes savoury offerings such as their Ham & Cheese Croissant ($7) and Bacon Croissant ($7), as well as sweeter alternatives like the Fruit Danish ($5.50), the Cinnamon Roll ($5.50), and the Fruit/Plain Scone ($4.50) which comes with fresh homemade jam and clotted cream.
๐Ÿ“ธ: Burppler Elyssa Yip


Iโ€™ve come here twice and have been satisfied both times! Ordered the truffle Chirashi Don (pictured) and the Kaki Chirashi don and found the sashimi to be fresh both times. Portion sizes are quite big too - each don comes with salad and miso soup.

The shop isnโ€™t very big, so expect a bit of a wait if you come here during peak period. On the bright side, you can order your food while waiting, so youโ€™ll be served very quickly once you are seated.

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first off, can i say i love how nostalgic the plate looks? ๐Ÿ˜ back to the food - this is nothing less than a hearty meal. savour the springy, al dente noodles coated with the sweet, savoury & spicy (oh, the spice really has a good kick) dark sauce mixture all in a single mouth. the noodles alone hits the spot. making it even better, have it with their handmade well marinated pork balls (no gamey taste, itโ€™s a yes for me!), the braised mushrooms or simply the crunchy ikan bilis (not fishy! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป). adding on to the goodness, the dry version comes with a small bowl of soup thatโ€™s great for ending the meal off with some comforting warmth.

interesting fact: you can add on other fancier/atas toppings like big prawns, fish maw, clams, salmon or even abalone!

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Was expecting soft tender ribs but turns out the ribs were tough. The honey mustard sauce was good but wasnโ€™t enough to save this dish.

The other dishes we ordered were good. Will be giving this dish a miss then next time when we are there.

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The passionfruit tart has a good mix of citrus and sweetness. The lemonade fizz was refreshing for a hot sunny day!

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Taste good as usual, satisfying my sweet tooth cravings. Definitely better than Overscoop hahaha

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Barbecued pork belly on a sizzling platter with lettuce. The meat is well-balanced and juicy. Have fun wrapping the pork belly with fresh lettuce then dress it with some savoury, sweet and spicy gochujang sauce ใ€‹$15

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Kimchi stew served piping hot with pork, vegetables, tofu and a bowl of rice. The soup is thick and flavourful with the right amount of sour and spiciness in there. Indeed a comforting and satisfying meal with authentic Korean taste at a very affordable price ใ€‹$12

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