Best Cafés In Johor

Best Cafés In Johor

Featuring Maco Cafe & Bakery, My Liberica (Taman Molek), Roots Bistro, AnMour Cafe (Permas Jaya), Aglios, Sweet Blossom Coffee Roasters, The Toast (Permas Jaya), B.E. Cafe, Hāto Patisserie Cafe, The Alley (Permas Jaya)
John Barry
John Barry

Healthy grain bowl with grilled salmon.

Flavour is superb, and so is the satisfaction

It's a peach fruit tea.

For those who fear excessive sweetness, rest assured, this is not a diabetes inducing beverage.

Mildly sweet, with the main flavour coming from the natural fruity taste.

Made with grapefruit extract and concentrated tea.

This drink will perk you up even during the hottest of afternoons.

A welcomed treat after slurping down their signature mee rebus

This one is a little overkill when you see how it's made.

The espresso base comes from an espresso machine, so does the steamed milk, which are then poured into an ice blender and served.

For the price I feel like they're under charging us customers, because other stores would just use instant coffee or regular kopi o with condensed milk to make this.

Regarding the taste, it's a light and foamy ice blended, the coffee taste is present, but as always is overshadowed by the dairy.

This drink goes well with all of their offerings, including the cakes and desserts.

A tangy berry flavoured mix, with some sweet and tarty afternotes hidden in the carbonation.

Perfect with the creamy mee rebus.

You would assume the drink will be a cheap sugar filled one, but you'd be wrong.

It's very light and the carbonation gives it an airy and refreshing taste.

Not too sweet, perfect to pair with the nasi lemak

Very COCO-NUTTY with a powerful pandan flavour.

It's very sweet so if possible do request for a zero sugar version

Yes, that's cheese on this iced mocha.

And yes, I loved it

Green tea and honey.
Has a mild acidity to it, nothing too extreme.
Flavor was pleasant.
The entire drink goes down very easily and is rather enjoyable

"Murah sia"
That's what I kept repeating to myself with every bite and sip over here.

A manggo explosion is the only way to describe this smoothie. Barely any artificial sweeteners found in this large glass.

Everything here is affordable AF.
This tall smoothie lasted the entire duration of the meal, and was pleasantly fruity and tarty with only a slight hint of added sweetness.

RM12.90 for the base
Additional toppings go for RM2 to RM3 each.
Very refreshing dessert, perfect for the insane Malaysian climate.

I'm glad that sugar and milk are given on the side and not premixed into the dessert.

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