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Tastes like pudding, but much softer, it could actually be custard creme

Not bad, the matcha is the main flavour profile and not the milk, which is how it should be.

Pretty fancy skills for the barista, whipped it up less than a minute

The cake and cream were amazing, not too sweet, kinda earthy and nutty, perfect to pair with a latte

A cake of the day that is pretty darn great!

A straight up iced espresso with an added chocolatey note

Very "Kaw" and very tasty, I love how the ice is not inside the coffee, so you can slowly enjoy this undiluted for extended periods.

A nice amount of peanut butter on perfectly done toast, this one is pretty worth the price

Could benefit from some pepper and salt in the egg mayo, overall pleasant, but not something to write home about

I hate to say this because I loved their Kaya, but I think standards have really dipped. Same custardly liquid texture, same egginess, but the aroma is much more muted now.

I remember being blown away by the strong pandan and coconut which melded well. Maybe someone else can confirm this? I'll try the gula melaka one instead next time

Taiwanese snack

Thin layer of nutty, sweet and sticky filling w a bit of bite encased in a flaky, buttery pastry. Decent I guess, quite well executed, but I can't rmb the authentic one as it's been so long since I've been to Taiwan. Seems legit to me tho