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Azuki Sesame Milk ($5.50) (5/5) frm milksha (grab smartkitchen) taste like heaven combination tbh and didn't expected that sesame milk is so good compared to matcha. but I could not sip much azuki (red bean) with sesame milk as red bean was being hidden on bottom of the drink sadly. :")

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No. 17 Pandan Matcha Latte ($5.20) w White (green) Crystal Jelly ($0.90) (3.5/5) frm No.17 Tea I saw the feed like last year but just out of the way (inside Serangoon Garden). They opened near AMK Hub so why not I take bus frm office to there. taste like a fusion between pandan and matcha but hmmm not much pandan extract. got that milky matcha aftertaste towards the end of drink. Jelly Frost was really like chewy texture and not that hard even after soaking inside the drink.

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Hojicha Latte w Jelly Frost ($6.40) (4/5) frm milksha (grab smartkitchen) I wanted to order the drink for a long time when they released hojicha verison after matcha like last year I think so. So I just enjoy strong roasted tea with jelly frost. Jelly Frost was really like chewy texture and not that hard. But Hojicha contained caffeine and so need to order drink before evening time.

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Honey Lemon w Aiyu ($3.40) (4/5) frm eachacup taste like refreshing and summer drink and always like this kind of drink. It just relieve warm weather and reduce thirstness from the throat.

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Strawberry Mulberry-Noir Tea ($7.10) (4.5/5) frm heytea taste like sourberries such as raspberries and strawberries and jasmine green tea combination. I really enjoy atas tea aftertaste but I got hard time to pop in straw into the drink. I let the cover drop on the floor and almost let drink spilled on others lol :") I didn't like the cover didn't secured well on the cup and got hard time to close properly.

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Cold Brew Green Osmanthus (Bottle - $3.10) (3.5/5) frm heytea was really asethetic bottle tbh as my sister she really thirsty after cycling (halfway) and walking from changi airport to MBS. We were waiting for our turn to order heytea and a lot of people queued up for this. The taste for tea was slightly faint and not that strong after putting the fridge for a long time.

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Felt cheated when using Burpple. This is not even one for one. How can one large of milk tea cost $9. Original price on menu is $4.20 only and in fact I am paying more when using Burpple.

I ordered two drinks using the burpple 1-for-1 deal. Out of the list of drinks redeemable under the deal, only 3 were available. Upon ordering, we found that the price of 1 large drink (without toppings) was $9, which is roughly twice the price of other similar large drinks e.g. we ordered a large jasmine milk tea for $9 while a milk tea is listed as $4.20. That is more than 100% mark up! The shop also intentionally left the redeemable drinks off the menu to make things unclear and to allow them to charge $9 for a drink. Service was extremely slow as well as the staff is also serving at prima deli next door - waited more than 10 minutes to even have my order taken. Don't mean to blame the staff as he seems overworked already - I think this is an unfair and bad arrangement made by the owner(s) of the shops.

Specially formulated with chestnut paste, duck shit tea smoothie and red ruby pearls

The unassuming appearance of the Pork Belly Udon when it came took me by surprise (not of the pleasant kind). Looking super plain and lacking in colours, I thought it would be lackluster in flavour too but how wrong was I. After tossing the noodles, the pork belly clung on to the noodles, making each slurp a flavourful one. If you have always been a fan of Taiwanese Pork Belly Rice (or Lu Rou Fan), then you really ought to try this. Recommended!

The Oyster mee sua here is comforting. It was pretty easy to slurp up the whole bowl without realising it.

The bubble teas here are also worth a mention. They came in large cups but is surprisingly, pretty light. It is not as cloying as other milk tea that you get where it gets a bit surfeiting towards the second half of your drink. We finished the ones here at 8 Degrees pretty easily.