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Maple Pancakes ice cream was great - maple syrup and pancakes is probably one of the best combinations in the culinary world, and for it to come in an ice cream form is a treat you never knew you always wanted. I liked the differing textures, the creamy maple flavoured ice cream with the chewy pancake bits in it. It actually tasted exactly like McDonald’s hotcakes, bringing back a sense of nostalgia from childhood days.

On the other hand, Brie cheese was a little bit of a letdown. The ice cream was honey flavoured, and unfortunately the sweet honey overpowered the entire ice cream, even though there were a few small cubes of cheese inside. Brie cheese is of a milder flavour, so it was difficult to taste much of it at all. I think it would’ve been okay if the ice cream was called “Honey with Brie cheese” instead, just to adjust our expectations - I wouldn’t have a problem with it then.

Overall - both ice cream textures were on point. If I do pass by Haji Lane again, I might stop by to try their other flavours. The total price for both of these flavours was $10, since there was an additional $1 per premium scoop. We didn’t try the Keto options because it would’ve been an additional $2.50 per scoop - not a price we were willing to pay. Or perhaps we are not that health conscious! :P

We visited on a weekday early evening and it was not too busy since it was dinner time. There are a few seats in the shop so I would recommend you to come during off peak periods if you would like to secure a spot.

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Specially formulated with chestnut paste, duck shit tea smoothie and red ruby pearls

Visited “Seow Choon Hua” after hearing about their Fuzhou delicacies from my parents.
A casual eatery with indoor and outdoor seating, I was told by the gentleman manning the counter that they make everything in-house by hand. So it seemed logical to order their Mixed Bowl.
In it were “Yuan Pi” (the small, juicy pork balls with the thinnest, most delicate wrapping - my favourite of the lot), Wanton (medium size pork dumplings), “Shui Gao” (large triangular dumplings), “Yu Yuan” (fishballs) and Fuzhou “Yu Yuan” (huge minced meat-filled fishballs with a mochi-like texture, so they’re unlike the ones you find at the usual fishball noodles stalls). I had mine with plain rice while @huatkaliao opted for the version with dry noodles (it’s really tasty as they dress the noodles in a sweet-savoury sauce and pork lard oil).
As this dialect group’s cuisine is getting increasingly hard to find these days, I reckon it’s worth giving the food here a try.

The Truffle Chicken ($12) with Scrambled Eggs & Mozzarella ($4) is definitely the most perfect way to start the day. Juicy and tender chicken thigh that is super well marinated topped with truffle mayo and a slice of torched cheddar; this is the definition of simple yet perfect. Would definitely be keen to visit Keen’s more often!

The Loxu ($13) was filled with a heap of fresh Norwegian Smoked Salmon, super value for money! Love the addition of capers in it, whetting my appetite further.

Tried the Chir Chir Outlet at Bugis Junction and it was a very pleasant experience. The staff there were helpful in recommending us what to order and the portions served were generous too. We had a really full and scrumptious meal there. Ordered the spicy Chicken Drumlets/Winglets set and the dish was served pipping hot. The chicken was crispy, well-seasoned and weren’t too oily nor salty. Would recommend others to try the drumlet set too. An overall pleasant experience. 10/10

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Chicken dishes were all great! Particularly enjoyed the garlic fried chicken and chir chir mi chir. Would recommend to get both so there is a strong contrast in flavours. Overall food was great and service was great as well

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tried 3 dishes. the chirchir chicken tenders with pasta is a must try! creamy and flavourful sauce v recommended. the soy garlic chicken was not bad too. i think the honey butter chicken needs some time to grow on you but it has an assortment of extra stuffs (wedges, rice stick) if ure looking for variety

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Best nasi lemak in Singapore. Simply delicious!

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We ordered:
- Fried calamari (fresh and delicious)
- Ragu with rigatoni (full portion; very rich and filling. Recommend to add on bread to soak up the sauce!)
- Vongole with squid ink tagliatelle (tasting portion, pictured; the broth was quite light but the clams were tasty! They also added chilli powder and bonito flakes to the dish so it’s not a traditional vongole.)
- Cacio e pepe (tasting portion; size may be enough for one person as it’s quite rich too. Delish.)

We went with the staff’s recommendations on which pastas to match the sauces, and were pretty satisfied. The flavours are mostly quite strong and depending on personal preferences, can border on being a bit too salty. Pasta texture was great and had a good bite. Would love to visit again to try other items!

Including 2 drinks, the bill was $75.60. They currently do not charge gst or service fee. Didn’t use burpple beyond.

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Really enjoyed every single dish thay we got and the side dishes were good and the quantity was good and the price was good tooo (about $8 - $10) each


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