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This place is Instagram worthy, and perhaps the only Instagram worthy place in Johor.

The lighting is perfect, the color selection of the interior and the tasteful rustic and industrial furniture is just a step above everything else.

Most Cafés feel either too cluttered and messy or very sparse and famished.

Image cooker strikes a perfect balance of decor and style.

Not to mention their vegan selection is good enough for a carnivorous being like myself.

Nothing to write home about, but I'm just glad they didn't screw it up. It's an expected cup of joe, the only way to start your mornings

The duck was pretty darn good, and I usually stay away from duck due to its dry powder-y texture. But this one was moist and tender, paired with the aldente pasta, and you have a pretty good meal.

Ok this one, the sambal is good, but sadly the bread is dry and a little burnt.

There's alot of things in here, and I kinda regret having something this greasy for breakfast

Appreciate the Latte art! Coffee was smooth and aromatic! ☕

Never tried before but came highly recommended so I ordered it.

No regrets, baked in house also. Delicious!

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Tastes like pudding, but much softer, it could actually be custard creme

Not bad, the matcha is the main flavour profile and not the milk, which is how it should be.

Pretty fancy skills for the barista, whipped it up less than a minute

The cake and cream were amazing, not too sweet, kinda earthy and nutty, perfect to pair with a latte

A cake of the day that is pretty darn great!