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Crispy on the outside and soft in the inside. The size is nice and makes for a good bite. It was a hit with the kids.

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The prata was well done. Nice level of crispy and the accompanying curry went well. Good place for prata

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Pig liver is believed to be highly nourishing and also improves one’s eyesight. That being said, I absolutely need to eat it frequently! 🤓

These thinly sliced liver from the popular Leng Kee fish soup stall at Bukit Timah food centre is perfectly tender and cooked nicely with slight-pinkish in the middle [without any of the gamey smell!].

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This place offers unique Russian cuisine in the heart of the CBD that isn’t often found in many other places! I ordered a buddy meal set and really enjoyed the unique food!

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Wanted to try this as I saw it on social media. Ordered the egg appam ($2.80).

It tasted like thosai and pancake combined and I generally like it but probably minus the pepper in the future.

Came here for the popular char siew & roast meat rice ($5, cause we upsized). As usual, the char siew is the most delicious one with its unique flavorful meat. The roast meat which is usually my favourite cannot matched up with the char siew. However, is still a dish overall I would queue for. I am surprised that the price still remain even after the pandemic.

The steamed dumpling ($4.80) was quite disappointing for me as being a specialised dumpling stall, I had a high expectation, however I feel that the meat filling is not firmed and soft. Also, there is no burst of flavour of sort.

The kaya bun was crispy and soft. The ee fu mee was nit nice. Noodles were chewy and color doesnt look right. Taste was normal.

Visited “Seow Choon Hua” after hearing about their Fuzhou delicacies from my parents.
A casual eatery with indoor and outdoor seating, I was told by the gentleman manning the counter that they make everything in-house by hand. So it seemed logical to order their Mixed Bowl.
In it were “Yuan Pi” (the small, juicy pork balls with the thinnest, most delicate wrapping - my favourite of the lot), Wanton (medium size pork dumplings), “Shui Gao” (large triangular dumplings), “Yu Yuan” (fishballs) and Fuzhou “Yu Yuan” (huge minced meat-filled fishballs with a mochi-like texture, so they’re unlike the ones you find at the usual fishball noodles stalls). I had mine with plain rice while @huatkaliao opted for the version with dry noodles (it’s really tasty as they dress the noodles in a sweet-savoury sauce and pork lard oil).
As this dialect group’s cuisine is getting increasingly hard to find these days, I reckon it’s worth giving the food here a try.

The chendol stall is definitely one of the highlights at Beauty World Food Centre and you will almost certainly find a queue at this stall. The stall sells chendol with a generous serving of pandan-flavoured jelly, topped with a decent amount of gula melaka syrup, which makes for a sweet ending to your meal at the hawker centre. We paid an additional $1.50 for the scoop of D24 durian, which was a legit scoop of durian puree that you should definitely consider if you love durian. We will definitely go for this stall when we have a meal at this hawker centre. 😋

Freshly steamed fish soaked in sweet fragrant sauce

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