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this time. It is more full of spices than umami, still as delicious tho. I will report back if it's the same next time

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3/5/6 portions available too

Abit oily but well fried, Kueh was soft as well. With their solid execution this stall commands a considerable queue during lunch.

Their chai poh is quite mild but that makes it much more lovely than normal when it's too salty. The sweetness and the savouriness still come through. Their sambal is so unique, it's as satisfying as any other, but there's a freshness in the background, not sure if it's due to radishes. I asked for extra, and then went back for one more helping of sambal.

The kway teow is on the harder side, not my thing but still alright. However the dark sauce wasn't thick enough so overall it's pretty mild


After adding on the duck portion was reasonable, almost every spoon had a small piece of duck at least.

Congee was pretty thick, and it was decent overall. Quite mild tho as their sauce isn't super thick and the congee was thick


Ofc the chicken taste a lot worse, but that's only relative to their original high standards. This is still a decent plate anywhere, though less tender

Furthermore they don't debone it anymore. That's painful, but what's more painful is that the queue doesn't seem to move any faster. I don't understand why

Rice standard still fluctuates, but everything else is as before


Todays one was better, idk if they keep changing recipes but it's noticeably more flavourful and there's a greater variety of herbs used. Skin was decent as well


Their stuff is rlly very expensive but have to admit the meats were done well, tender and flavourful. The bitterguord was damn bitter though, the other veggies were fine


Was back the next day, that's how good the noodles are. It's got a better texture when u dine in, less soft. Got it without chili this time and it doesn't make much of a difference honestly.

However the uncle is really, really unpleasant. (That's all about the food, the rest is about the uncle. Do consider if he is worth the food, otherwise come at the crowded time so he doesn't talk to you much)
First of all he's very snappy, and giving you attitude no matter he's busy or not. Doesn't answer questions properly, I asked him what is in the black sauce and he told me opium. Ya whatever it's a stupid joke but I didn't catch it twice cos he wasn't speaking clearly, then he snapped at me the third time.

Following that he asked me where I'm from and started commenting on my people, being a racist and sexist at the same time.

He deserves credit for the effort he puts into his food tho. People bear with his nonsense and the long waiting time because the food is really that unique. But whether u want to is your personal choice, I would try it once at least

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PSA: stupid design for the board, basically the base is always black sauce with scallion oil. Then you have a choice of whether u want chili or not, and the chili mixed in is "tom yum style" chili paste

Noodles were soft when we got home 5mins later, but I still like the texture.
Chili was fiery on its own but not very pronounced when mixed in.

The black sauce was absolutely lovely. No idea what's in there but the sweetness and the thickness makes it probably the best I've had. The scallion oil was aromatic too but it was abit too generous

Chicken thigh pieces were fine but the meatballs were abit too soft. Soup was thick and very flavourful, abit too salty tho

Overall it's a great bowl

PS however the wait was insanely long. Dude is a one man show and somehow even tho he isn't moving particularly slowly, it's still a pain when there's only 3 ppl ordering

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Egg was perfect.

Lamb chop was quite average if reasonably tender.

The double portion of coleslaw is pretty sad at night

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Very legit, exactly how we have it at home, plus MSG. I recommend this

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