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Generous hunk of fish maw braised for several hours till fork tender and cloaked in a luscious spring onion-infused sauce that is intensely fragrant and toothsome.

Location: Crystal Jade Palace, 391 Orchard Rd, #04-19 Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Singapore 238872

One of the signature items on the menu, the seafood cheese beehoon comes with cheddar cheese infused with seafood broth. So you could really enjoy every sip of the broth, which tasted sweet and strong flavour.

The springy beehoon come with fresh prawns and scallops.

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Their food portion actually consider very small, so this small plate of rice come right in place to fill your tummy.

A bowl of rice dressed with special sauce and spice, then topped with sunny side-up egg and crispy fried pork.

It was served before my meal come, so it is like a appetiser for me. Interesting combination as you mix them together.

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Nic & Tom was actually on my list to visit when they still at Serangoon Garden, but sadly they announced closure earlier this year.

Then here comes the news that they reopened at this new location, which is now nearer to my office.

Glad they choose a much convenient location for me now and made my visit today.

First we got the side on the table, the fried chicken skin breaded with rich batter, and they deep fried it. Super crispy and you won’t stop at just one piece.

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A comforting lunch we had while working from home last week - Soup Restaurant’s Buddy Meal for 2 pax!
The classic Traditional Boiled Soup of the Day and Seasonal Vegetables are fixed items in the set, but you can choose the rice dishes to your preference. We went with the Earthern Bowl Steamed Rice with Chicken and Chinese Sausage and couldn’t miss out on their Earthern Bowl Steamed Rice with Chicken & Samsui Ginger! We liked the option of getting these smaller portions and that it’s convenient too via Deliveroo - our food came piping hot yay! The chicken chunks were tender and well seasoned.

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Each bowl of mixian comes with beansprouts, beancurd sheet & chives. Ordering was done in 3 steps.

1. Choose Soup Base
2. Choose Toppings
3. Choose Spicy Level

They serve a total of 7 different soup bases such as Wu La Soup (charred pepper & spices), San Suan Soup (SamGor hot & sour), Suan La Soup, Fragrant Clear Soup, Vegetarian Clear Soup and recommended ones like Ma La Soup and Tangy Tomato Soup priced affordably between $5.40 - $6.20. Each topping is priced between $1.30 - $2.50.

I went with the tangy tomato soup base with enoki mushroom and sliced pork topping. The tomato soup looks light and clear with a portion of tomato puree placed above. While I would have loved the broth to be of a thicker consistency, this was actually quite flavourful and slurp-worthy. The servings are generous and the noodles are springy with a texture similar to our thick vermicelli (粗米粉). This is something worth considering for a comforting meal on a rainy day.

》Tangy Tomato Soup $6.60 + Enoki Mushroom $1.30 + Sliced Pork $1.80

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3⭐ Came here for lunch since there's $10 off for minimum $20 spending. The porridge is quite diluted and we are shocked upon seeing the porridge in a small bowl. The wanton is huge and good. The prawn ball is also not bad but the rest are just average.
#HongKongZhaiDimSum #CenturyEggLeanPorkPorridge #LotusLeafRice #FrenchToastHKstyle #CrispyFiloPrawnBall #WantonNoodlesDry #MarinaSquareApp

A bustling place on a weekend morning, this place serves traditional Cantonese dim sum. There was a variety of dishes to choose from. Ordered siew mai and har kau with #BurppleBeyond - 2 for $3.80. Note that the deal is not applicable for special items. We also ordered mango fritters which were our favourite!

We sample a few of their new dishes during the media tasting and I was thoroughly impressed with the flavours and presentation. Dishes that are available at Crystal Jade Golden Palace includes the starter of Teochew Four Delights ($58) whereby the order comes in a large platter filled with braised duck, chilled lobster crystal jelly that pays homage to pork trotter jelly, crispy crab roll and chilled mala jellyfish with Chinese yam in aged vinegar. All these small bites and refreshing flavours help to whet the appetite for the later dishes. This was followed up with the Pan-fried Red Grouper with Radish & Yellow Bean (seasonal price) that is prepared the Teochew style. The firm texture of the grouper gives it a nice bite, complemented with the umami sauce.

The subsequent dishes are available at Crystal Jade Palace such as the Superior Bird’s Nest with Fresh Crab Roe ($88) served with a side of Jinhua ham soup that is meant to be enjoyed separately. The richness from the bird’s nest and crab roe is balanced with the soul-comforting broth. Served tableside, the Braised Whole Thick Fish Maw ($78) is unlike any fish maw that you would have eaten elsewhere as this is top-quality fish maw that has a gelatinous mouthfeel cooked with spring onion and served with a thick braising liquid. The Sauteed Spare Ribs with Aged Black Vinegar & Lychee ($32) is an appetizing meat dish with the aged black vinegar bringing the tanginess to awaken the senses.

A unique dish is the Poached Cabbage in Porridge Water with Conpoy & Garlic ($26) with the porridge water being a thickener while the garlic brings another layer of flavour. The carbs for the day went to the Mee Pok ($28) that has been tossed in the homemade XO sauce and topped with crispy pork lardon and crackling pork belly, making it a fitting end to the meal before the dessert of Chilled Beancurd with Ginger Osmanthus Syrup ($8.80) with the addition of more candied ginger to give more antioxidants into the body.
✨ Crystal Jade Golden Palace
📍 290 Orchard Road, Paragon, Unit 05-22, Singapore 238859
🍴[Media Invite]

We ordered the patin fish to be served mala style (as recommended by the friendly waitress). The fish was fairly huge, the meat was flaky and succulent with a good bite to it as all fresh fish do. This also came with beancurd skin, cabbage and some sprouts. This was on promotion and the total cost about $50 after gst and service charge. Rating: 8.1/10

Do note that the spiciness level is fixed as the establishment purportedly wants its patrons to experience the authentic flavour profile (the phrase used was 原味). That said, one need not be scared by how red this dish turned out as the spice level was at a pleasant and tolerable level - for someone who generally orders 小辣 for mala xiangguo . The staff were friendly and service was prompt too. Will most definitely recommend this place.