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58 years of history with 99 outlets across Japan and 1 in Hong Kong, Ganko Sushi opens its 101th outlet in Singapore last year serving premium quality Japanese plates at reasonable prices.

Using the freshest ingredients that’s air flown 3 times weekly from Japan, you can enjoy a lavish 12 course omakase priced reasonably at $150.00++ prepared by Chef Toshiyuki with 20 years of experience.

58 years of history with 99 outlets across Japan and 1 in Hong Kong, Ganko Sushi opens its 101th outlet in Singapore last year serving premium quality Japanese plates at reasonable prices.

Using the freshest ingredients that’s air flown 3 times weekly from Japan, you can enjoy a lavish 12 course omakase priced reasonably at $150.00++ prepared by Chef Toshiyuki with 20 years of experience.

58 years of history with 99 outlets across Japan and 1 in Hong Kong, Ganko Sushi opens its 101th outlet in Singapore last year serving premium quality Japanese plates at reasonable prices.

Using the freshest ingredients that’s air flown 3 times weekly from Japan, you can enjoy a lavish 12 course omakase priced reasonably at $150.00++ prepared by Chef Toshiyuki with 20 years of experience.

Salmon and Roe Rice Bowl - $22
This donburi comes with generous portion of mixed thick cut salmon and roes. Salmon lover must order this. Fresh and flavourful. It’s call 鮭親子丼 as the roes are supposed to be the child of the salmon, so it’s vaguely translated as Salmon Parent Child Ricebowl. Cute name actually. Oh, meal is also served with soup and salad. To complete the experience, I also ordered their dessert, Yuzu Mochi ($3) which is so QQ on the outside, and refreshing on the inside
Koji Sushi Bar

Had so much high hopes for this place as it’s recommended by a looot of people, but sadly, both of my visits (yes, I gave it another chance after a bad exp last 2020), were a bit disappointing

Unlike most reviews, I, thankfully, didn’t have to queue long for both of my visits. The restaurant could be unassuming from the exterior, but the place is actually huge with a mismatch of classic Jap and weirdly, techno/bar feels

Had this chirashi dish, and though it looks enticing, the pieces I got were not fresh :( it has triggered my seafood allergy (yes, it acts up whenever I have not-so-fresh seafood)

Not sure if I’ll give it another chance - maybe third time’s the charm?


📍 Omoté
301 Upper Thomson Rd, 03-24A, Singapore 574408
Floor 3 · Thomson Plaza

#omote #burpplesg

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Burpple 3 course meal. Comes with a side (mentaiko scallop), main (waygu beef bowl) and drink (asahi). It was mind blowing delicious! And portion size was perfect.

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Beef was juicy and slightly chewy but i would prefer the chirashi don. Chirashi don's ingredients all complement with each other very well. However, nothing too special about it. Slightly overpriced overall

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The Burpple set consists of 2 small-sized dons, 3 chicken skewers, 2 green tea, 2 miso soup and 2 salad. The chicken skewers were doused with sweet teriyaki sauce and were nothing to shout about. The salad, served with sweet sesame sauce (presumably from Kewpie), was nothing special too. The miso soup on the other hand had salmon pieces, kelp and tofu.

For the unagi don, the grilled eel was tender and the sauce offered a hint of sweetness that complimented the dish well. Would say that for the amount of unagi given, the price of the Burpple set was pretty worth! Apart from the fish, chewy wakame seaweed and pickled daikon pieces were also served on the side to cleanse your palette from the richness of the other ingredients. I also enjoyed breaking the onsen egg apart to have the egg yolk coat the rice grains, which offered a nice creaminess that went well with the chewy sushi rice. Apart from the onsen egg, the don also came with a small piece of tamagoyaki topped with a generous serving of mentaiko sauce. For lovers of mentaiko, consider getting the grilled salmon don in which the salmon slice would also be similarly topped with the mentaiko sauce. On the other hand, if you enjoy sashimi, the signature don is the one to go for, where a generous serving of salmon and tuna cubes, clams and fish roe would be sitting above the sushi rice served with a slice of seaweed that you can use to make a hand roll for yourself.

Have visited several Kei Kaisendon outlets lately and they did not disappoint! We also realize that they’re expanding rather quickly, with an outlet at Jewel too.

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This limited-time only sukiyaki incorporates favourite flavours of Singapore to pay tribute to the nation’s 57th birthday.

We had the 250g Assorted Platter of Hida, Miyazaki, and Olive Wagyu Sirloin ($328++ for dine-in, $268+ for takeaway) that is good for 2 pax and each set comes with assorted vegetables and tofu, konnyaku noodles, two bowls of Hokkaido rice, and raw Okinawa egg as a dip. If you are dining in, you will get to enjoy a platter of seasonal starters including the uni yukke cone. What is unique in this sukiyaki is that it uses house-made warishita and infused with fresh peeled tomatoes, with optional add-ons of chilli padi and deep-fried garlic chips on the side if you wish for a touch of spiciness and extra flavour. The meats will be prepared in two styles of sukiyaki, kanto and kansai.
✨ The Gyu Bar
📍 30 Stevens Road, Unit 01-08, Singapore 257840
🌐 https://www.thegyubar.com.sg/order/
🍴[Media Invite]

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The Outram Park neighbourhood does seem to be a happening spot for new F&B establishments these days; aside from Homeground Coffee Roasters’ move to from East Coast Road to Teo Hong Road, there are also new F&B establishments such as Mio that have opened in the area as well. Located at 82 Neil Road, Mio is situated right beside the very first outpost of Apiary. Having started as a delivery-only concept, Mio is not an entirely new start-up in the local F&B scene; in fact, they are opened by the same people behind the now-defunct Bao Makers which had previously operated out of several locations such as Horne Road in Jalan Besar, Teck Lim Road at Outram Park and in Westgate at Jurong East. Mio attempts to be an establishment that “brings traditional, yet artisanal fine Japanese cuisine in their abode” — the space has been designed in a rather clean and minimalistic look with a touch of zen; tastefully decorated to include natural elements such as greenery and even stones in some parts for a peaceful yet modern look. Mio’s menu does carry quite a wide selection of dishes — the menu spreads across various sections such as “The Art of Sushi”, “Sashimi”, “Japan Wagyu Specials”, “Side Dishes”, Rice and Noodles”, “Kid’s Meal”, and “Desserts”, while the list of beverages include non-alcoholic options such as tea and soda, with a wider variety of alcoholic beverages such as beer, red wine, white wine, sparkling wine, gin, sake and sparkling sake.

There were really quite a number of items on the menu that attracted us; a bit of a pity since we only visited Mio with one other pax and could not try everything that seemed to have stood out to us. One of the dishes that we found to be pretty interesting on their menu would be the Asari Clam Somen, which is an item listed on their “Rice & Noodles” section of the menu. The item comprises of elements such as Kombu Butter Broth, Asari Clam, Somen, Shimeiji Mushroom and Japanese White Noodles. First taste of the Kombu Butter Broth and we were really impressed with how it tasted; it’s savoury and briny from the clams, yet garlicky — so much flavours in there but also felt particularly clean, but packs a punch. Moving on to the Asari clams; these were fresh without any undesirable stench whilst the flesh was pretty bouncy and provided for quite a good bite. The choice of the Somen (i.e. Japanese White Noodles) was a pretty good move for the dish as well — the noodles were slippery and slurpy; complements that briny and garlicky Kombu Butter Broth really well to further elevate those clean flavours that one would expect out of a contemporary take of Japanese cuisine. Overall, a dish which we felt that they had certainly looked into the details of flavours and textures in the R&D phase; one that had much heart and thought placed into it.

We have also tried other items at Mio; this includes the Sushi Ball from the “The Art of Sushi” section of the menu; their contemporary take on Nigiri Sushi which is shaped into balls that features salmon, southern bluehn tuna, yellowtail, squid, swordfish, cucumber, red radish,
Japanese sweet egg and prawn; also another dish that we quite liked will be the Goma Goma off the dessert menu that features black sesame cake, house-made black sesame ice cream, speculoos crumble. All in all, despite Mio’s affiliation with the now-defunct Bao Makers, we felt that Mio was something that is leaps and bounds ahead of what Bao Makers used to be; the only association which we could draw to Bao Makers would be the through the Bao of Threes dish that features Ebi Croquette, Japanese Chashu and Miso Nasu Bao which is a Japanese interpretation of the items that Bao Makers were offering previously. That aside, it feels that Mio has got serious potential — from the effort behind the interior decor, to the quality of produce used and the execution of the food; Mio felt like a move away from Bao Maker’s hipster fare into a premium establishment with a contemporary touch that we found to be really impressive. A spot that is likely to become a highlight on social media; probably somewhere to hit before the queues start to form!

📍Waa Cow! @ NUS UTown

Ambience: 7/10 ❤️❤️❤️❤️🤍
Flavor: 10/10 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Service: 7/10 ❤️❤️❤️❤️🤍
Overall: 24/30 ❤️❤️❤️❤️🤍

On a Sunday night, I visited Waa Cow! at NUS UTown, which is located roughly 10 minutes walk and 5 bus stops away (via bus 95 at 18331) from Kent Ridge MRT Exit A.

I ordered (1) Spicy Mentaiko Wagyu Beef, (2) Goma Tofu Set, and (3) Lemmy Lemonade.

At a cost of S$24.90, the Spicy Mentaiko Wagyu Beef was undeniably expensive, but the first-class wagyu gastronomy experience that came with the price tag was incontestable. By itself, the signature wagyu was indubitably a melt-in-your-mouth beefy, fatty, and juicy goodness. I could have literally finished the entire bowl of Wagyu just on its own even if there wasn’t any additional sauce that accompanied it. Nevertheless, the inclusion of the special beef sauce on the wagyu and the rice brought forth additional depth of flavours and textures, which undoubtedly refined the dish. But what really set this dish apart from its competitors was inarguably their house-made Spicy Mentaiko Sauce, which brought forth a very delightful spicy citrus flavour profile to the dish. With the addition of the Spicy Mentaiko, it created an auxiliary fun component to the already unbeatable dish, as I could mix-and-match the components that I want to include in my spoon, creating different variations of top-class flavours.

For that, I give Singapore’s Waa Cow! a 10/10 for Flavour.

In terms of customer service and ambience, perhaps due to the nature of the outlet’s location - which was located within a university, there wasn’t any aspect that stood out. Howbeit, if I were to really point out a characteristic that I appreciated, I wholeheartedly enjoyed the peacefulness at the NUS UTown outlet. There were barely any customers around towards closing, and the people strolling in the vicinity was close to none.

For that, I give Singapore’s Waa Cow! a 7/10 for Service and 7/10 for Ambience.

Overall, Waa Cow! at NUS UTown scored a 24/30 after combining the scores for Ambience, Flavour, and Service. To quickly conclude, the flavour was truly faultless, but for the best dining experience, I would recommend visiting their alternate outlets at Marina One and Change Alley Mall.

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