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Cosy dessert bar. Ordered the matcha basque burnt cheesecake and the brightside cocktail. This combination was recommended and i thought the recommendation was spot on! Creamy and smooth dessert + refreshing drink = lovely end to the day :)

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The ambience was cozy and comfortable inside. I ordered a Singapore Sling cocktail and it was superbly balanced and refreshing to taste. The Chocolate Tart dessert was delightful but not overly sweet and the chocolate paired very well with the caramel and sorbet. Definitely would recommend a visit!

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We ordered:
- Fried calamari (fresh and delicious)
- Ragu with rigatoni (full portion; very rich and filling. Recommend to add on bread to soak up the sauce!)
- Vongole with squid ink tagliatelle (tasting portion, pictured; the broth was quite light but the clams were tasty! They also added chilli powder and bonito flakes to the dish so it’s not a traditional vongole.)
- Cacio e pepe (tasting portion; size may be enough for one person as it’s quite rich too. Delish.)

We went with the staff’s recommendations on which pastas to match the sauces, and were pretty satisfied. The flavours are mostly quite strong and depending on personal preferences, can border on being a bit too salty. Pasta texture was great and had a good bite. Would love to visit again to try other items!

Including 2 drinks, the bill was $75.60. They currently do not charge gst or service fee. Didn’t use burpple beyond.

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Turkey patty was a wee bit dry and miss their thick cut French fries. Loved the fried onions on the patty though.

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Haddock fish and chips with thick cut fries. Loved the fries. Think their fish is above average but not awesome, cause the thick batter while crunchy was slightly oily when I bit into it, and I prefer cod to haddock.

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The place should update their menu accordingly to the ingredients used. Every dish was disgusting. Worst pasta I’ve ever eaten.

1. Instead of Ebi prawns, we had dried shrimp pizza
2. Instead of Rosti from the sausage duo, we had hashbrown
3. Instead of Carbonara, we had some olive oil drenched in cream pasta. (See photo of the amount of oil used). Cashew nut pasta was not available on the menu

To top things off, the β€œIndian branch manager” doesn’t seem to practice safety measures. He goes from tables to tables without his mask on.

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Texture of the pasta is good ~ we liked the mentaiko sauce. The truffle Cacio e Pepe was too peppery. Burpple one for one deal is for tasting portion, but you can order full portion and they will discount the lowest value tasting portion. Above is full portion. Service was good.


I had their 2-course meal. Their cauliflower soup was nice. Featuring one of their mains, Fish n Chips. They didn state what fish was it but i suspect is halibut. The batter was thin and there was a lot of meat. Very crispy but i find it abit dry. Fries were sprinkled with seaweed powder. It was a very filling dish and I wasn't able to finish the fries.

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affordable and juicy burgers, served with fries which were fried to perfection. however, i would recommend to give the crazy shakes a skip as they were too sweet and we were even struggling to finish the drink due to the one-dimensional taste (of pure sugar...)

Loving their in house rose & honey cold brew . Lovely vibes .

homemade pasta πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» ordered truffle cacio e pepe & ragu and the truffle one was so good ?!?!?!??!??? abit jelak but taste wise 10/10 hehe 🍽 ragu was okay ~~~ wouldn’t get it agn la ☠️ the drink was exp and wasn’t even that good … xd but it has a variety of handmade pasta !!! worth a try YAY

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It is a Korean-Western fusion pizza that is relatively uncommon to find now, so Tigress will be the place to go to for such dining experiences. We also added the Vegetarian Butcher ($23), a burger made with a vegetarian patty that is paired with sun-dried tomatoes and a pesto sauce that gives it a nice nutty flavour. The burger comes in a hearty portion with fries and an additional side that you can choose from.
✨ Tigress 82SOHO
πŸ“ 277 Orchard Road, Orchardgateway, Unit 03–17, Singapore 238858
🍴 [Self-Funded]

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