Drink It Down

Drink It Down

Best place to chill with your friends over a few drinks.
John Barry
John Barry

Do you love Pina coladas~?

You don't? Then try this Mojito.

Fruity, fresh and minty.

Also kinda pricey

But this mix does pack a massive punch. One glass is enough to get you going.

A mixture of tequila, blue Curacao, triple sec, egg white, pineapple juice, almond syrup, and passion fruit.

This cocktail is creamy, tarty, salty and sweet all in one, reminiscent of a dried orange peel snack with plum powder.

Mojito + grape juice, a little too pricey for the quality

For some reason the Connors here is a little rusty and "burnt"

Must be the new compressor, this is the best tasting pint of carlsbers I've ever tatset (I hate Carlsberg)

This place has everything you could ever need for a nice night out drinking.

Burgers, BBQ, Cajun boiled seafood, you name it.

A crisp and fresh pint of Connors, great after a long day at the office.

Nice Irish style pub to relax

Where else can you get a pint of Kilkenny in Johor? An Irish classic, and only RM26.90 for a full pint. This place is the place to be if you're out for a drink.

To my knowledge this is the only place in Johor where you can get this beer on tap

Costs rm23 but totally worth it.

The crisp and fresh flavour of the beer is preserved, and tastes as if you got it at an Izakaya in Shinjuku.

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Anchovies fried with onion and chillies, it's a bar snack here and it works.

Not to mention, this place serves the best Guiness I have ever had in Johor, actually anywhere in Malaysia and Singapore.

It's crisp, it's cold, it's like you're drinking it at St.James gate in Dublin.

They also serve Irish stew (RM30) if you're hungry

Come here for the Guinness, and have a bite of fried anchovies.


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