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RM56.90 for 10 piece chicken.
"The chicken is the star and it is mind-blowingly delicious. They use boneless chicken thigh which is fried to perfection and incredibly moist and juicy. The chicken is crispy even after being wrapped with the cheese and covered with sauce. A single portion can amply feed 2-3 pax. The cheese also makes the most delicious cheese fries, much better then the artificial Nacho cheese and mayo mixture that fast food fries are topped with. This is the real stuff. And oh boy, it is good 10/10"
📸 & ✍🏻 by Burppler Chew Sher Mein

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The lobster was dry, and prepared in the most horrendous of ways. This frozen lobster is first boiled, and later kept on ice again. Once someone orders the lobster they'll heat it up on a teppanyaki style grill. Obviously you'll be left with a dry lobster that's slightly rubbery.

Not worth the RM98 you need to pay for this lobster and nasi lemak.

There's nothing much to say, it's a halal lok lok place. Just pick your poison, be it duck, chicken, crab sticks, mushrooms, vegetables, fish, whatever it is, it's 80 cents a stick, it's gonna get deep-fried in light batter and it's gonna get bathed in a spicy powder that tastes like paprika and chilli. After that pick your sauce, they have BBQ, green chilli, Thai chilli, mayonnaise, cheese, and ketchup. As for drinks, there's not much to choose from, but I'd say pick whatever is on promo when you're there, they're roughly the same anyway.

My only concern is that it's very oily, I mean like the United States wants to invade your plate levels of oily.


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Never tried Nando's and seeing prices here, we went for the whole bird. Don't mind eating this on ringgit, but probably not at Singdollar.

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I'm not a champion. :) #travelgram #glutinousrice #dimsum #jbeats #pelangi #eatfatfat #eatstagram #sgfoodies #foodgasm #foodpics #foodporn #foodstagram #foodspotting #eatstagram #burpple #8dayseat #asian #whattoeat #breakfastofchampions

Dragging myself to class *sigh
Breakfast: • Organic Oat Cereal Drink • Steamed Gula Melaka Cake
Those who are not working or having classes on weekend, enjoy your weekends!