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you can choose to get a spicy or clear base!! but this one wasn’t really spicy, kind of like kimchi level? there was a lot of ingredients!! this was v comforting to eat esp if you sit indoors because the aircon is really strong HAHA

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salmon sashimi ($6/3pc)
hamachi ($11/3pc)
tai ($10/3pc)

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Domino’s Pizza certainly needs no introduction. The international fast food pizza chain is renown for their New York crusts that are hand stretched from fresh dough and of course, their signature sauce which is made from fresh vine-ripened tomatoes. You simply can’t go wrong with their classic Pepperoni Pizza!

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Crispy on the outside and soft in the inside. The size is nice and makes for a good bite. It was a hit with the kids.

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The prata was well done. Nice level of crispy and the accompanying curry went well. Good place for prata

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Inspired by time-tested recipes handed down from their grandmothers, the owners of Butter Studio are dedicated to honouring the tradition of crafting home-style bakes from scratch, and they’ve somehow managed to add a playful spin on some familiar favourites! This can be seen in their Gourmet Tarts which range from Sea Salt Nutella ($6.90) and Speculoos Cream Cheese ($6.90) to Raspberry Frangipane ($6.90) and Lemon Meringue ($7.90). Aside from these, they also come up with seasonal specials from time to time so be sure to pop by to see what’s bakin’.

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If you’re a fan of Thai food, I got a scenic dining spot for you to check out!

Hidden within East Coast Park, @centralthai offers a wide variety of authentic Thai food at affordable prices. The breathtaking sea views coupled with sea breeze exudes a relaxing vibe for one to enjoy a hearty meal with loved ones.

Here’s what we tried:
🍍Pineapple Fried Rice
I like the presentation of this dish! The fluffy rice was fragrant and well-tossed, a classic dish done right!
🐟Steamed Lemon Sea Bass
My must-order dish whenever I visit a Thai restaurant. I love how refreshing and zesty this dish is. So appetising!
🦐Tom Yum Seafood Soup
🦐Prawn Cakes
🍗Thai Spicy Basil Chicken
🥬Sambal Mix Vegetable
🍦Sticky Rice Ice Cream

Time to plan for your next family gathering at @centralthai !

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Fried to a crisp, with soft insides, served alongside chocolate dip (instead of Gula Melaka, the only other flavour available) at the crew’s recommendation. I liked it! My sister, however, found the churros to be too ’thiccc’ to her liking. She did not enjoy the ‘doughy’ insides of the churros. We both certainly liked how the churros were peppered with sugar and cinnamon powder!

Better than Mcdonald’s for sure! Thiccc, creamy and well balanced. It wasn’t as sweet as the ones I’ve had at Five Guys’ but rather similar in terms of flavour profile! I liked how the milkshake didn’t taste too artificially flavoured. It’s a huge load of calories, better be worth the calories!

My new favourite burger chain! Fatburger has a pretty extensive selection of burgers on their menu. My only gripe would be the rather inconvenient location for most of their outlets. I tried the single original beef burger, served along with sweet potato fries. There wasn’t an option on the doneness of the patty - I guess it’s a standard that they’re all prepared well-done. I like how the patty was juicy and well seasoned - sufficiently thick for the oomph. The buns were fluffy and complemented the burg well. Veggies were standard and fresh - no special sauces, just mayo!

How coincidental they have the same seasonal item as rival McDonald's. The pulut hitam was similar, but Burger King mixes the filling with taro. Unconventional but a plus.

Interesting. Their drinks menu is insane variety.