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Have to order their sandwiches! Love the basic ham and cheese sandwich & the battered fish fillet sandwich!! The hot ginger teh was great too! Might want to skip the salted egg spaghetti, felt it was abit dry and jelak

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There is only the premium buffet now and was around $43 per pax before Burpple (~$34 with Burpple). Didn't really find it worth because the quality of the food was not great. The soup was not nice too, had to add lots of veggies to make it taste sweeter. The beef chuck roll was very gamey, would suggest to avoid it...

@thethreepeacocks - The largest outdoor BBQ buffet in Singapore!

If you haven’t visited this place before, it is time to check them out! They have a WIDE VARIETY of food choices available! From salad bar, hot cooked items (there is even pizzas and pastas!), live station and also food for you to bbq yourself with their charcoal BBQ! They have super lots of meat choices, chinese skewers, oysters, and a seafood bar!

For the buffet, you will also get free flow drinks (fruit punches / gassy soft drinks) and ice cream!

If you are looking for a unique place for dinner, check out this place! This buffet place totally gives off thai night market vibes! Love the ambience!

They are located at Labrador Park at 8 Port Road. They have a free shuttle bus from Labrador Park MRT which departs every 30minutes.

Their buffet price list are as follows:

Weekday: Adults $55.90++, Seniors $52.55++, Kids $38++
Weekend: Adults $60.90++, Seniors $57.5++, Kids $43++
PH /PH Eve: Adults: $63.90++, Senior $60.50++, Kids $46++

Reservation through this link is recommended! Https://inline.app/booking/thethreepeacocks

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If Maggie mee msg were on steroids. That’s how it would taste like. The noodles was extremely soft, definitely nearly sending me home to my jia xiang. The food came with wanton, vegetables, char siew and chili. The chili is superrrrr delicious it’s almost like they fed the chili tree msg water throughout its lifetime and chopping it off.

Soup was so delicious that I drank it in 5 mouths. Or now thinking back maybe the bowl was just smol

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Set consist of 2 mains, 2 drinks and 2 desserts.
Pros: Set is super flexible and doesn’t restrict you to a particular sized main/drink or type of dessert.
You just pay accordingly for 1 set of the higher priced item.

Food was delicious, but the rice noodle lacked a bit of springiness to it. Overall a great deal.

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The Burpple set consists of 2 small-sized dons, 3 chicken skewers, 2 green tea, 2 miso soup and 2 salad. The chicken skewers were doused with sweet teriyaki sauce and were nothing to shout about. The salad, served with sweet sesame sauce (presumably from Kewpie), was nothing special too. The miso soup on the other hand had salmon pieces, kelp and tofu.

For the unagi don, the grilled eel was tender and the sauce offered a hint of sweetness that complimented the dish well. Would say that for the amount of unagi given, the price of the Burpple set was pretty worth! Apart from the fish, chewy wakame seaweed and pickled daikon pieces were also served on the side to cleanse your palette from the richness of the other ingredients. I also enjoyed breaking the onsen egg apart to have the egg yolk coat the rice grains, which offered a nice creaminess that went well with the chewy sushi rice. Apart from the onsen egg, the don also came with a small piece of tamagoyaki topped with a generous serving of mentaiko sauce. For lovers of mentaiko, consider getting the grilled salmon don in which the salmon slice would also be similarly topped with the mentaiko sauce. On the other hand, if you enjoy sashimi, the signature don is the one to go for, where a generous serving of salmon and tuna cubes, clams and fish roe would be sitting above the sushi rice served with a slice of seaweed that you can use to make a hand roll for yourself.

Have visited several Kei Kaisendon outlets lately and they did not disappoint! We also realize that they’re expanding rather quickly, with an outlet at Jewel too.

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Marbled meat and a wide array of sides and sauces? Say no more fam

Visit my Instagram page at @_coleats for more!

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Website states restaurant opens at 11.30AM. We walked in at 11.45AM. Server said we can sit down but only able to order at 12PM. We agreed.

At 12PM, server came around to give out the ordering paper slips. Their main item Ayam Penyet is not available! Couldn’t the server have told us earlier?

We chose other items and proceeded to the counter to order at 12.05PM. Lady at the counter said they can take the order, but the kitchen can only start preparing the food in another 10-15 mins time.

What’s the point of staying on the website that the restaurant opens at 11.30AM, when the kitchen is not even ready to prepare food until 12.15PM?

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Very yummy fusion pasta that’s flavoured Korean style. A very welcomed change! Went down well with the draft Hoegaarden Rosé. Look forward to going back!


Pretty good and went down well with a beer! Would order it again!


Feature :
💕Sunny Side Chick
Tender fried boneless chicken thigh served with salted egg cream spaghetti
💰 $10.80 (a la carte) / $13.50 (Set with Iced Kopi/Teh Latte or Lemon Lime Tea)

💕Salted Egg Crispy Fried Chicken Sandwich.
I like this, Buttered toast served with boneless fried chicken thigh slathered and salted egg mayo sauce
💰 $5.00 (a la carte) / $7.70 (Set with Iced Kopi/Teh Latte or Lemon Lime Tea)

Promotion of the Sunny Buddy Meal ($18.00) consisting of both the Sunny Side Chick and Salted Egg C.F.C Sandwich, as well as two regular iced drinks of choice; and enjoy 20% off exclusively when paying with Atome.

From 28 July to 15 August 2022, customers can enjoy any two regular-sized drinks at just $5.70 (U.P. $7)

📍Butter Bean outlets
#ToastBoxSG #ButterBean #TheBBrightSide

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