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Love this kway chap. Well marinated and flavourful pig intenstine and meat. Great supper choice coz it’s open till late!

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Generous serving. Completely satisfied with the food! Just a little disappointed that they only accept cash :/ thankfully we had enough cash on hand

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My favourite breakfast food delivery order.

Mee siam here will never go wrong, the gravy was damn flavourful.

Easily one of my favourite mee siam ever.

Fish cutlet just goes so damn well with mee siam.

Chicken cutlet, not that compatible.

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Love it. So good. Flavourful in every spoonful. I had this with the 2 different types of chilli. Happiness in each mouthful.


No frills restaurant! Small space (have to walk sideways to the table) with about 2-3 tables. The soup had salmon, clams and mushrooms added. The salad is normal, just filler. The mains are worth it too. I prefer the mentai choices instead of the signature one. But I wouldn't mind coming back again. About $38+/- total after gst

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Redeemed this with the Burpple Beyond Set deal and paid $38.49 for 2 mains, 2 drinks, 2 soups, 4 yakitoris, and 2 salads. Super worth it! The amount of mentaiko sauce was super generous and the sashimi was very fresh 🍣

(continued from the previous post) I enjoyed the curry potato flavour but this triumphs the battle of savoury pancakes hahaha. Packed with mayo tuna, this makes each bite a creamy savoury dream. This must be the reason why it has been a longstanding flavour since forever haha.

Goodbye red bean pancake!!! Will be hopping the ship of tuna pancakes from now ON. :}


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I had always favoured the sweet pancakes (red bean for life!!!!) over savoury ones at Mr Bean, so when my sister wanted to get the curry flavour, I thought it'll taste weird, but boy o boy this tasted good! The sweet-salty profiles complemented each other and the addition of curry potatoes made it a real nostalgic delight~


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Green curry chicken with rice @ $5.50

Not bad, and it's got a bit of spiciness (some places serve simply sweet green curry). Ingredients are quite generous too.

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Lol basically coconut milk. Some people may find it disgusting or stupid but I liked it! A clean-tasting coconut milk.

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honestly they’re not bad!! q chewy and not too sweet. i don‘t feel guilty after eating this at all

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