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have had acai from quite a few brands and none of them match up to AAA’s 😛 i agree that the quality can sometimes be inconsistent but they are super generous with the toppings!!! i love LOVE my nuts and this rly delivers in that aspect. you’re guaranteed to have a crunch in every mouthful 👌🏻 the price is also reasonable for the portion imo. the medium we got was perfect shared between two and could be a meal if i had it on my own.

A bowl created by Chef Mano Thevar, Bombay street with a twist - basmati brown rice, corn and chana dhal kichdi, pumpkin vada with kachumber raita, curry leaf crumb and crispy onions. I loved all the flavours, especially the vada but wished there was a bigger portion of dhal and raita as I had excess rice which was a little dry on its own. All bowls by Bamboo are plant-based with meat and low-carb options at additional cost (plus $3-$5).

Bamboo has a unique concept where you order through their app and use the app to open your pod for collection. Although the main goal is for a contactless transaction, my main gripe is that the process was not as seamless as expected. Not only do you need to download an additional app that is only unique to this store, they only accept credit card payment (no ApplePay yet though they’re working on it according to an employee) and each pod can only hold two boxes - meaning that if I do a large order for my table an employee still has to hand me the food boxes. Cool idea but not practical with form over function…? We probably spent more time with the employees trying to help us download the app than a typical system with an employee taking down our order.

Fruce is back with more new drinks!Featuring hues of red and white just in time for National Day, this new creation named Singapore Crush, has a combination of red velvet, cookie bits and of course, coconut froth.
Available from now for a limited time at all five Fruce outlets, but remember to visit their Wisma & Nex branches if you are thinking of grabbing the alcoholic versions.

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I love the combination of the mango and the chewy purple rice! Recommended to drink within 30 mins after getting the drink.

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The bluepea rice is really fragrant n nice. Support local!

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Tampines Soup Spoon offers a variety of food other than just soup! Tried of this burger and it left me awed! Thick patty, fresh tomatoes and perfectly toasted brioche buns! Served with a side of choice, the truffle fries I selected was doused!!! with truffle oil and really worth the buck! Can't recall the price but trust me, it won't disappoint!

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tried the purple rice yogurt & strawberry yogurt! would definitely recommend the purple rice yogurt :D the sourness of the yogurt was just right and blend perfectly together with the chewiness & sweetness from the purple rice! the strawberry yogurt was alright, strawberries were not too sour & added a nice texture to the drink!

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100% plant-based burgers from @veganburgsg!

Featured here are the following burgers:

🐥Hainanese Chickenless Burger: This is a limited edition burger in celebration of Singapore National Day! It will be available from 28 Jul 2022! Lots of flavourful chicken rice chilli sauce in this, with meatless chicken patty, cucumber slices, tomato slices and lettuce!

🦀Chilli Krab Burger: Another local delight flavour! This features a crispy plant-protein “crabmeat” patty where the interior really resembled that of soft meaty crabmeat! Comes with lettuce and chilli crab sauce and sandwiched in a wholemeal fluffy bun!

Add $3.90 to complete each meal and you get a side (seaweed fries or broccoli) and a drink (original lemonade / cranberry lemonade / ginger lemonade)! Shout out to the seaweed fires as it was so good! Crispy thick cut fries are the best!

Check them out at 44 Jalan Eunos, or order from their link at www.Veganburg.com

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When you feel under, this is a soul saver. Try order separate items comparing to this party set but this party set is much well worth it lor.🤑
Set 1 * meatless milestrone (veg) soup upsized (+$1.70)
Falafel with hummus with mint flat bread (falafel is quite dry but lucky i got my own sauce)
Home-brewed ice lemon tea
Set 2* beef goulash soup also upsized!!
Smoked salmon with alfafa sandwich 👍 hands down!
Home-brewed iced hibiscus tea
Can't do without extra bread roll ($1.40 each)
Order this on food panda get 20% discount

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$22. Love the crispy chunky potatoes! The sauce together with the chicken and veg have a nice pairing.

Pan-seared organic chicken breast, cashew milk, mozzarella cheese, lime juice, broccoli, haricot fine beans, baby spinach, mixed herbs, dukkah, almonds, crispy potato chunks

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$18. It’s amazing!!! Love the crunchy with the dips! Best fusion! Took a pic of the back part of the dish so that the 3 dips can be seen.

Beetroot hummus, baba ganoush, traditional hummus, olive oil, kalamata olives, dukkah, almonds, balsamic glaze, spring onions, house-made flatbread, corn chips

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$18 + $4. A very healthy wholesome dish. There is a medley of unique taste to each portion. Yummy!

Mixed mesclun + cherry tomato salsa + corn salsa + organic black rice + avocado + roasted butternut squash + mixed herbs + cashew nuts + almonds + sunflower seeds + house-made pickled cucumbers.

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