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Intense Chocolate Gao (Venti - $10) (4.5/5) frm starbucks I did upgraded from grande to venti size and so the barista did wrong flavour (Intense Coffee Gao) and overheard that she ask her employee whether he want free drink instead of waiting for people to order the drink :") and so the taste like thick and gao milo instead of dark chocolate. I didn't like this type of thick drink tbh but for experience lol.

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Sarawak curry chicken shepherd pie @ $17.80++

Really quite tasty, no wonder it says crew's favourite on their menu. Great amount of chicken and potatos in it as well, satisfyingly filling.

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Cheese fries @ $7.50++

We like how the fries are spread out on a wide plate so that when the sauce is put over them, most of them are well covered. Generous amount of cheese and rather nice texture of the fries which make this great.

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Spicy chicken nibbles @ $9.50++

Got a bit of spicy taste and the curry mayo is not bad. It's really nibbles cuz the chicken bites are quite small, which makes me think there's more batter than actual meat in each bite.

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Crab meat pasta @ $19.80++

Portion was a little small for the price. Tastes okay, very tomato base with very slight hint of chilli crab. Not a lot of crab meat.

Slightly disappointed as we were quite happy with the pastas the previous time. Maybe just a wrong choice.

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Deep fried squid tentacles @ $10.80++

Very nicely fried and not too chewy. Goes well with the wasabi mayo sauce. Portion was okay.

Second time here and still enjoying the vibes.

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Tomato egg, salted egg chicken, braised pork belly. Three popular dishes but only the pork worked. A meh meal.

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Soup hahaha wtf. For those who know authentic carbonara is dry, this is ridiculous. But I like cream sauce so I'm not complaining. Kudos on the good squid and prawns too.

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The laksa is nice n thick

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Less successful than the prawn variety. The "laksa" is only in the sauce, but it's an accurate sauce. I wish there's more sauce though. The fatal flaw is in the patty. They don't use thigh meat, but something similar to McChicken.

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I declare this a success. The "laksa" is only in the sauce, but it's an accurate sauce. Pair that with prawn patty, egg and purple cabbage slaw, and it's a delight. I wish there's more sauce though. The centre of the patty was a bit gooey, but I can accept my prawns this way. Make this burger a permanent item.

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More adventure by McDonald's. The first bite was fascinating. It's real pulut hitam filling. But when the beans started to impress themselves, it got weird and I started to experience two foods clashing with each other. Good effort!

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