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Maple Pancakes ice cream was great - maple syrup and pancakes is probably one of the best combinations in the culinary world, and for it to come in an ice cream form is a treat you never knew you always wanted. I liked the differing textures, the creamy maple flavoured ice cream with the chewy pancake bits in it. It actually tasted exactly like McDonald’s hotcakes, bringing back a sense of nostalgia from childhood days.

On the other hand, Brie cheese was a little bit of a letdown. The ice cream was honey flavoured, and unfortunately the sweet honey overpowered the entire ice cream, even though there were a few small cubes of cheese inside. Brie cheese is of a milder flavour, so it was difficult to taste much of it at all. I think it would’ve been okay if the ice cream was called “Honey with Brie cheese” instead, just to adjust our expectations - I wouldn’t have a problem with it then.

Overall - both ice cream textures were on point. If I do pass by Haji Lane again, I might stop by to try their other flavours. The total price for both of these flavours was $10, since there was an additional $1 per premium scoop. We didn’t try the Keto options because it would’ve been an additional $2.50 per scoop - not a price we were willing to pay. Or perhaps we are not that health conscious! :P

We visited on a weekday early evening and it was not too busy since it was dinner time. There are a few seats in the shop so I would recommend you to come during off peak periods if you would like to secure a spot.

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Famed for their matcha and houjicha desserts, the one thing in the menu that you should not miss out on is the Shiratama Parfait ($8.50), which also comes highly recommended by the staff, as it is a base of azuki beans topped with matcha soft serve, kanten jelly and shiratama dango aka mochi balls. This is exactly what you would expect from a Japanese dessert with the right balance of bittersweet flavour and chewiness.
✨ Tsujiri Singapore
📍 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, The Central, Unit 01-74, Singapore 059817
🍴 [Self Funded]

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I promised a better pic than my earlier one and here it is with owner and ice cream maker himself, Elijah, at the background. Really good quality gelatos. Pulut hitam has a rice bite to it so you know it’s genuine.


Got 1-1 double cup, it’s a good deal, ice cream is creamy and delicious, love the salted butterscotch and Smores.

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Felt cheated when using Burpple. This is not even one for one. How can one large of milk tea cost $9. Original price on menu is $4.20 only and in fact I am paying more when using Burpple.

signature 80% ice cream is quite delicious!
however, need to wait a while for the the ice cream and the cookie which was frozen stiff to thaw.

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I ordered two drinks using the burpple 1-for-1 deal. Out of the list of drinks redeemable under the deal, only 3 were available. Upon ordering, we found that the price of 1 large drink (without toppings) was $9, which is roughly twice the price of other similar large drinks e.g. we ordered a large jasmine milk tea for $9 while a milk tea is listed as $4.20. That is more than 100% mark up! The shop also intentionally left the redeemable drinks off the menu to make things unclear and to allow them to charge $9 for a drink. Service was extremely slow as well as the staff is also serving at prima deli next door - waited more than 10 minutes to even have my order taken. Don't mean to blame the staff as he seems overworked already - I think this is an unfair and bad arrangement made by the owner(s) of the shops.

Ordered Coconut and Horlicks with #BurppleBeyond - 2 cups @ $4.00. We preferred the latter as we found the coconut ice cream too crumbly and milky. Can get a little crowded but a nice place to chill nonetheless!

Finally checked out this crepe place @frenchfold!

Here is what we ordered:
No.04 Ham, egg sunny side up, sautéed mushrooms, Comté cheese ($19++)
No.12 Duck confit, baby potatoes, cream, thyme ($21++)

The crepes are made of buckwheat flour and they only use organic eggs! Loved both of the above crepes! Can’t decide which of the two I prefer! I love the addition of baby potatoes into the crepe! It sounded like a weird combination, but I ended up loving it very much! We were too full from these 2 savoury crepes to try their sweet crepes!

They were super packed on a friday night at the Orchard outlet. Do remember to make a reservation beforehand! Their reservation timings for dinner ar 630pm or 8pm though.
Also special shoutout to their VERY FRIENDLY service staff!

Light, fluffy and moist swiss roll with a very generous uji matcha filling in the centre. Once again, this is a decent choice, but there are better options to choose from. Rating 6.8/10

Squarish daifuku that's covered with rich dark chocolate powder; surprisingly good value given that there were two tiers of daifuku in the cup. I would recommend this to those who appreciate dark chocolate. Rating: 7.3/10

Soft mochi with light matcha flavour in the middle. Decent snack / dessert but there are better options. Rating 6.8/10