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There's so much more to Italian cuisine than pizza and pasta, but can you imagine life without th...
“Pasta and basta!” meaning, “Pasta, and that’s it!” in Italian. Italian foodies (and carb-lovers)...

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Cacio e Pepe is a simple yet popular pasta in Italy. However, few restaurants in Singapore serves it as it’s just pepper and cheese and may not be appealing to some here

I was pleasantly surprised by the standard of Cacio e Pepe at Lino. The malfade was al dente, cooked to perfection. The sauce was delicious as well, though some may find it “jerlat” if you are not used to taking a lot of cheese.

It’s reasonably priced at $16 and would recommend it!

Great cozy Italian restaurant with amazing ambience. The pasta was cooked al dente, but the flavours could be better.

Fettuccine was super salty, clams for vongole were not fresh.

Food was not too bad with decent atmosphere on a Friday night.

Pasta was nice! A lovely surprise as it was pretty empty on a Friday night. Prices are pretty affordable, averaging below $20 per main. Only gripe is they don't serve water. Will try their pizza next time!

Visited this Italian place on a Tuesday afternoon. As I had a rather substantial brunch earlier, I decided to order one of their salads.

Their salmon salad came with a generous serving of fresh smoked salmon slices, avocado cubes and shredded egg that would satisfy your tummy and keep you full till the next meal. For sources of fibre, the salad came with arugula, iceberg lettuce and baby tomatoes. For the dressing, olive oil and a wedge of lemon were served in a saucer. Perhaps just a personal preference but I would have liked their egg to be served sliced or while instead.

Overall, it’s a pretty decent salad with a generous serving to justify its higher price tag apart from its location. As we used our Burpple voucher here, this salad only came up to $11 including GST and service charge! The dining partner order a pasta and we also saw diners around us enjoying sandwiches. It’s a place worth considering for traditional Italian cuisine and for a quiet afternoon hangout where you can chat with friends without being rushed to leave when you’re done with your meal. We also saw some patrons doing their work at this spot. It might be a less convenient place if you’re coming by the MRT but for that you do get a really peaceful environment for your meal.

Unfortunate negative experience as you need to redeem the coupon and pay before 2pm even if you’re still mid lunch as the app locks you out of redeeming exactly after 2pm.

Unfortunate negative experience as you need to redeem the coupon and pay before 2pm even if you’re still mid lunch as the app locks you out of redeeming exactly after 2pm.

We ordered:
- Fried calamari (fresh and delicious)
- Ragu with rigatoni (full portion; very rich and filling. Recommend to add on bread to soak up the sauce!)
- Vongole with squid ink tagliatelle (tasting portion, pictured; the broth was quite light but the clams were tasty! They also added chilli powder and bonito flakes to the dish so it’s not a traditional vongole.)
- Cacio e pepe (tasting portion; size may be enough for one person as it’s quite rich too. Delish.)

We went with the staff’s recommendations on which pastas to match the sauces, and were pretty satisfied. The flavours are mostly quite strong and depending on personal preferences, can border on being a bit too salty. Pasta texture was great and had a good bite. Would love to visit again to try other items!

Including 2 drinks, the bill was $75.60. They currently do not charge gst or service fee. Didn’t use burpple beyond.

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5/5 for ambience and fiorentina steak. One of the best date night restaurants!

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Spaghetti aglio e olio ($24)
👍🏻 al dente pasta
👎🏻 Could barely taste the garlic :(
👎🏻 Expensive considering that there wasn’t much ingredients apart from the mushroom and capsicum

Pizza - roma
👍🏻 Thin crust pizza, just the way we like!
👎🏻 The gorgonzola taste was reaaaaally mild. Suitable for those who dislike the taste of blue cheese!

Crab and lobster tortellini ($38)
👍🏻 Flavours were good! Could really taste the crab/lobster & the rose sauce wasn’t overpowering
👎🏻 Could probably have more! There were only 7 pieces of tortellini..

On the whole, food was not too bad (maybe 7.5/10). But portions aren’t v big and prices are slightly steep (we paid $74+ for 3 mains, with 30% off). Would probably visit again only with burpple 1-1! Lady serving us was v friendly though!

And just to note that you can’t use Burpple beyond if you make a reservation via Chope!

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