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Lamb, chicken kebabs, chicken shish taouk, half grilled chicken, and lubnani bread.

If you ever want to experience star Hadramout in a single dish, this is it.

Beyond members get this with every main dish ordered.

It's a sweet dessert that is perfect to end the very large meal we had just now.

Think soup, but it's more lamb than liquid.

This delicious clay pot filled with meaty spiced goodness is to be eaten with bread, and it's basically your entire day's worth of protein in one really delicious serving.

Tabbouleh, hummus, muttabal, salad, Baba ghanoush, and fattoush (hey the last two rhymes)
This itself is already like a whole meal, made with super foods and decorated with olives, no wonder everyone is so big and healthy in the middle East.

This family meal is about RM180 and is able to feed a family of 6.

Also they're on Beyond so you get free Kunafa as dessert which is nice.

The rice platter is the star of the show, as the silky savoury mix of Madghout, Mandi and Maqlouba is so filling! The lamb, the chicken.. ITS ALL GOOD!

Do you love Pina coladas~?

You don't? Then try this Mojito.

Fruity, fresh and minty.

Also kinda pricey

But this mix does pack a massive punch. One glass is enough to get you going.

Prawn flavourer crackers... I think.

A little pricey at RM19, but the serving size is massive and this makes for a great bar bite

Taste exactly like the one I had near Kintamani.
This place wins when it comes to authentic Balinese cuisine.

The sambal selection was also superb

Absolutely solid mee rebus, thick sauce, adequate toppings and an overall satisfying bite to the noodles.

10/10 must dine

Once you stepped into the shop, you won’t find the usual rice cream display; instead you choose your flavour from the menu on the wall and they make the ice cream on the spot.

Using liquid nitrogen, you could expect wholesome ice cream from this popular ice cream place in Johor Bahru.

The portion actually generous, enjoy the crunchy bites with the strong matcha taste.