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Seafood Pajeon RM25
Pajeon is a Korean pancake loaded with scallions, and here at Jang Won, they have one that is loaded with seafood, check out what Burppler halfeaten has to say
"Not a bad rendition of this Korean classic. The pancake comes with plenty of seafood and veggies, and a chili soy sauce on the side for dipping. Taste is good"
📸 & ✍🏻 by Burppler halfeaten (Ella)

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Korean BBQ Set RM170
"Operated by a Korean family which add on the level of authenticity.
Endless flow of sides. Well marinated meat and waiters were very skill with the grill. We ordered 4 serving of meat and one soju, which only costed us less than RM$170"
📸 & ✍🏻 by Burppler Peter Wong

Starting off our meal was a spread of thirteen (yes, thirteen!) "banchan" or side dishes. This was for two of us and they were all refillable! Special mention must go to the "kimchi" which was one of the tastiest and most flavorful we've ever had.
For grilling, we chose the beef prime rib (RM60) and the sliced pork belly (RM28). Both were excellent. The best part was the staff helped us to do the barbecuing too. I love it when that happens because I can then focus on the eating.
Besides the meats, we had the seafood pancake (RM25) and seaweed soup (RM15). Thick, soft and chewy, the large pancake had a decent amount of seafood and chives in it. The seaweed soup billowed with steam when it arrived at our table in its cast iron pot. Besides masses of seaweed, it contained mussels, clams and small de-shelled prawns - all of which contributed to a light and clear briny sweetness.
We left the restaurant very satisfied.
📸 & ✍🏻 by Burppler Veronica Phua

RM39.90 for adult, pretty good considering they have a varied spread to choose from.

The beef here is pretty pricey (Rm88), it's imported from the U.S and I was sceptical. After trying it out, I would say it's on par with A1 wagyu, that's pretty good.

Despite being a Korean BBQ restaurant, they'll cook this beef for you, because more likely than not, the customer will overcook this meat.

It comes medium rare and you can admire the pure taste, since they only season it with a little bit of salt.

They currently have a squid game dalgona challenge as well if you're interested, winner gets a dalgona candy.

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Well, part of the secret is to bbq it till the oils ooze out. The other part, i reckon, is to ensure that what you order iincludes #hanjeongsal (aka #porkjowl). This cut has added cartileagineous crunch! The best jowl I had was in a little local joint in Jeju, where it was wonderfully accompanied by myeolchi sauce (anchovies) #koreanfoodie #jbfoodies

Everything fron soy sauce quail's eggs to sweetened pumpkin and potato slivers

Originally, we wanted to go for a bimbimbap, but with so many tasty dishes, we went for the plain rice instead to complement our meal here

Steamed egg (steamed water egg) 🥚 smooth and warmed. Ordered seaweed wakame tofu soup. Ingredients:
Oyster mushroom
Seaweed wakame
Hot water only (*soup base) as their soup base or broth mainly boiled with bones 🦴 and meat therefore I opt for hot water as my soup base. Dessert, free ice cream for everyone. RM10 for the soup. Side dishes, only the sweet black bean. .