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Pint & Dine is a one-of-a-kind culinary establishment with a menu that’s very much inspired by the idea of simple and honest cooking. Their K-Chick Waffle ($18) which consists of the classic fried chicken and waffles combination with an added side of kimchi and onion rings is exemplary of that. Take a bite and you’ll know what we mean!

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The pistachio colour looks a bit off…. So maybe it wasn’t fresh. But still tastes good, not too sweet. Worth it with the burpple deal ~ do make sure to check the opening hours. Shop was open on a Tuesday but was unable to redeem the deal because of the opening hours listed on burpple.

overly salty. we are unable to finish them.

in general, quality of food here not as good as Funan outlet.

The scrambled eggs were fluffy and nice. Complements with the sourdough bread well and makes a good combo.

Fried chicken was really nice and not too oily. Quite good portioning for brunch. Waffle is also fluffy. Very pleasant meal

Key Lime Tart with Chia Seed - $12
Sweet sour Key Lime Tart with key lime curd topped with fluffy meringue, in a baked crust. There are traces of nutritious chia seeds mixed in. Great tea break pick
Cafe Kreams

I've always been a fan of their crispy, juicy fried chicken 🐔 hand-brushed with their signature soy garlic sauce - the perfect balance between sweet & savoury! ✨️
Now, the 9 winglettes come alongside 6 crispy calamari 🦑 & 6 ebi fry 🍤! Pair these with their hot or soy garlic mayo dip for the perfect indulgence! 👍🏻
This 21-piece Combo also comes with 3 seaweed fries 🍟 & 3 drinks 🥤. Time to lay your hands on some 4fingers! 💗

Tried the Chir Chir Outlet at Bugis Junction and it was a very pleasant experience. The staff there were helpful in recommending us what to order and the portions served were generous too. We had a really full and scrumptious meal there. Ordered the spicy Chicken Drumlets/Winglets set and the dish was served pipping hot. The chicken was crispy, well-seasoned and weren’t too oily nor salty. Would recommend others to try the drumlet set too. An overall pleasant experience. 10/10

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Chicken dishes were all great! Particularly enjoyed the garlic fried chicken and chir chir mi chir. Would recommend to get both so there is a strong contrast in flavours. Overall food was great and service was great as well

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tried 3 dishes. the chirchir chicken tenders with pasta is a must try! creamy and flavourful sauce v recommended. the soy garlic chicken was not bad too. i think the honey butter chicken needs some time to grow on you but it has an assortment of extra stuffs (wedges, rice stick) if ure looking for variety

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Came here to have the same meal because they don't have the hot stone, but it's still good.

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I loved the variety that we could enjoy at this buffet! There were cooked food like fried chicken wings, tempura, kimbap, japchae, tteokboki, kimchi pancake and ginseng soup! All of them were good except the kimchi pancake and tteok which was hard. The shabu shabu soup was sweet and not too overwhelming, and went well with the vegetables. The bbq meats were also good, especially the marinated chicken and spicy chicken! The pork belly was not bad too when dipped with the garlic chili sauce though the skin was a little chewy. Would return on a weekday lunch for cheaper price for a treat!

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