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Best nasi lemak in Singapore. Simply delicious!

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From Adam’s Corner
Had the tasty curry with crispy prata.
Teh tarik also not bad.


Taste good with the gula melaka sugar and grated coconut.


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Mangolicious @ $9.80+

Was a bit surprised to see the mango slice on the side. Overall a nice drink especially on a hot day.

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Lemak chilli api crab pasta @ $16+

Overall this seems a bit ordinary but still tasty and not bad. Soft shell crab a bit on the salty side. Comes with prawns and some sotong.

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Smoked duck laksa @ $12+

Fusion laksa that contains usual laksa broth + linguine pasta + smoked duck. The broth is flavourful and creamy, while the pasta is nicely cooked. However we felt that the smoked duck didn't quite value-add to the dish.

Also comes with taupok, cucumbers, taugay and egg.

Star of the dish is the chilli which is spicy and sweet and brings the broth to a whole new level.

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For me, it's really good Satay for North area.
The Satay well marinated and the meat is tender and tasty.The Peanut sauce is thick, not too sweet or spicy.
We prefer the chicken more than the beef.

💰$26 for 30 sticks (chicken and beef).
📍Satay Sumang Canberra.
BLK 115 Canberra Walk.

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The Sambal chili Cuttlefish was our favourite too and we also have some braised vegetables as well as salted egg to go along with the rice.

The cuttlefish was generously given on our plate with large cuts and if we were to compare the price paid. I would say that money is worth spending here.

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For our private dining experience on 14 July, we journeyed on a 12-course chef’s menu ($300++ per pax) and feasted on heritage dishes that are so uncommon these days. Through these heritage dishes, it can evoke fond food memories of past recollections and give the next generation of diners an opportunity to savor on these flavours that they would have otherwise missed out on these days.

The repertoire of traditional dishes that the kitchen team cooks up include flavours of the Chinese, Peranakan, Eurasian, Malay, and Indian kitchen. Be it an all-seafood, pork or even offal request, the food will surely be a one-of-a-kind epicurean experience. Each dish is prepared communal sharing style, which aims to bring diners to the table, feast on good food, and create meaningful and memorable conversations. The private dining room experience is curated for a minimum of 5 persons, up to a maximum of 10. An advance notice of at least 10 days is required for any of such booking.

An uncommon concept these days, our evening’s meal was themed around a nose-to-tail fare starting with stuffed pork legs with a piquant sambal, followed by a skewered duck gizzard with a sweet-spicy sambal kicap manis glaze. As it was in season, Chef Damian managed to get local squid, done two ways steamed and fried, served with a bajak sauce. The most interesting dish of the evening was the fish head with pig brain stew. Yes, it might sound intimidating, but it turned out to be one of the most comforting stews that I have had as it was moreish and flavourful. With the freshest of produce, the steamed prawns shone prominently with the garlic wine sauce. The two dishes that wow the diners so much that we kindly request for chef to include in the permanent menu are the kerabu pisang tanduk and hati kelapa, and the curry beef tripe. It was wave after wave of deliciousness before the finale of crab sattisorru that was served tableside, which was especially tasty with rice. We ended the night with none other than the assorted kuih, a must-have whenever you are at Rempapa.
✨ Rempapa
📍 2 Paya Lebar Road, Park Place Residences at PLQ, Unit 01-01/02/03, Singapore 409053
🌐 https://bit.ly/3NIuPq1
🍴 [Media Invite]

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Still the king. Every component was good. The chilli was spicier than I remember but that's not a problem. I wish I spammed the self-service crumbs!

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super yummy nasi lemak & also v worth with Burpple! loved that they fried the chicken fresh so it was nice and hot :) the coconut rice was also really good! will definitely be back for a visit!

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However, it suffered a resounding defeat by International Muslim Food Stall today after trying both side-by-side. For starters, the basmati coconut rice was lacking in aroma and flavour, while the sambal was too sweet for my liking. Comparing both fried eggs, Mizzy Corner did not fare as well as the yolk was fried till it was fully cooked while International had a runny yolk. In terms of the fried chicken, both had its strong points, so none had any sort of advantage or leverage.
✨ Mizzy Corner
📍 2 Changi Village Road, Changi Village Hawker Centre, Unit 01-26, Singapore 500002
🍴 [Self-Funded]