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Cosy dessert bar. Ordered the matcha basque burnt cheesecake and the brightside cocktail. This combination was recommended and i thought the recommendation was spot on! Creamy and smooth dessert + refreshing drink = lovely end to the day :)

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Attention all fans of South Union Park and Eleven Strands: a new concept restaurant has arrived! If you’ve been digging the grub from either of these restaurants then you’d be pleased to know that the same folks have a new restaurant called Mia. Much like its counterparts, Mia serves delicious mains such as the Seafood Risotto ($28) that comes loaded with a plethora of fresh seafood ingredients—we’re talking prawns, clams, squid, baby scallops, and green shelled mussels, all doused in tomato sauce with a sprinkle of parmesan and a dash of parsley.

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The pasta was very tasty and the portions were generous. Especially liked the pairing with white wine sauce. Makes for a nice hearty dinner. Coupled with Burpple Beyond makes for good value as well.

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I promised a better pic than my earlier one and here it is with owner and ice cream maker himself, Elijah, at the background. Really good quality gelatos. Pulut hitam has a rice bite to it so you know it’s genuine.


Have to order their sandwiches! Love the basic ham and cheese sandwich & the battered fish fillet sandwich!! The hot ginger teh was great too! Might want to skip the salted egg spaghetti, felt it was abit dry and jelak

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3⭐ Came here for lunch since there's $10 off for minimum $20 spending. The porridge is quite diluted and we are shocked upon seeing the porridge in a small bowl. The wanton is huge and good. The prawn ball is also not bad but the rest are just average.
#HongKongZhaiDimSum #CenturyEggLeanPorkPorridge #LotusLeafRice #FrenchToastHKstyle #CrispyFiloPrawnBall #WantonNoodlesDry #MarinaSquareApp

Have visited quite a number of Minor Food Singapore’s new dining concepts of the late including that of Siam Smith at Palais Renaissance as well as Mamma Mia Trattoria E Caffè at Suntec City — the same group is also behind other known establishments such as Go-Ang Pratunam Chicken Rice, Josh’s Grill, Poulet and Sanook Kitchen just to name a few. GyoGyo is the latest concept; situated at Funan and replacing the former premises of Yu Kee Specialties there, GyoGyo specialises in Japanese grilled fish — the menu revolves around offerings with Japanese Grilled Fish Sets as their main focus. The Japanese Grilled Fish Sets are available in Saikyoyaki, Teriyaki, Mayoyaki, Shioyaki and Nitsuke styles, whilst those who wish to have something apart from fish can look into the Teppan Spaghetti and Donburi sections of the menu. There is also a section on the menu that is dedicated to Other Grills & Tempura — patrons can either opt for these as a communal plate for sharing, or add-on a Japanese Rice Set to make it a main; sides and desserts are also available here. Only non-alcoholic beverages are being served up here at GyoGyo — think options such as canned drinks, bottled water and Japanese Tea as some of the options being available here.

Since GyoGyo is all about Japanese grilled fish, we thought it would be good to go for one of the items on the Japanese Grilled Fish Set menu. We found ourselves going for the Grilled Mero Set that is being listed on the Saikyoyaki section of the menu. It is also worth noting that each Japanese Grilled Fish Set also includes Japanese Steamed Rice, Miso Soup, Vegetables of the Day and Pickles. The slab of cod fish that was being served to us look beautiful with the charred edges from the grilling; also does come with skin-on — a plus point for those who will appreciate it. First taste of the grilled fish itself and we really liked the flavours of the fish here — it’s naturally sweet, soft and flaky, though we did wish that the fish did retain a little bit more moisture after all that grilling as we found it a wee bit on the dry side. The skin itself was gelatinous; also sweet, yet providing a slight savoury and smoky note that was rather appealing. The only qualm we have had with the fish was that it was a little bit bony — no doubt these were tiny ones; which wasn’t too hazardous but it is still something which we would prefer not to deal with. The Vegetable of the Day that was served together with our order of the Grilled Mero Set is simple stir-fry of greens, mushrooms and root vegetables; the gravy does give a good savoury note, though we found it to be otherwise decent and nothing too much to shout about — the same would also go with the rice and the accompanying miso soup as well.

Felt that GyoGyo was an establishment that is set up primarily to serve the masses — something which Minor Food Singapore probably does best; a typical shopping mall eatery with interior decorations that can be said as being on the more generic side, whilst serving up a good variety of dishes which the concept focuses on, yet having other dishes that are slightly more irrelevant to capture the wider audience should they prefer something more “mainstream”. GyoGyo isn’t that spot to go if one is looking for something more exquisite — yes, no doubt they do offer a good variety of fish, but being a commercial establishment in its nature their focus is purely on the concept and not the produce they use, whilst the execution is decent at best — a slight mismatch considering the high price point of some of the dishes considering its focus on fish. A spot that is meant to serve the general public and perhaps, bring the idea of Japanese grilled fish to the masses, GyoGyo would probably work for most as a casual dining option available within the mall.

strawberry yogurt $7.80
watermelon yo-tea $6.80

very refreshing drinks!! liked the watermelon yo-tea, the tea is super fragrant and paired well w/ the watermelon and yogurt. downside is that the % of yogurt in this drink is very little
not a fan of strawberry drinks but my friend who likes them liked it so yeap

The Truffle Chicken ($12) with Scrambled Eggs & Mozzarella ($4) is definitely the most perfect way to start the day. Juicy and tender chicken thigh that is super well marinated topped with truffle mayo and a slice of torched cheddar; this is the definition of simple yet perfect. Would definitely be keen to visit Keen’s more often!

The Loxu ($13) was filled with a heap of fresh Norwegian Smoked Salmon, super value for money! Love the addition of capers in it, whetting my appetite further.

The drink tasted good, the texture was thick but smooth and the purple rice was a good touch to the drink.

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