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had the steak and egg, and it was pretty good and really worth the price with burpple beyond! the matcha latte was rich in flavor too, but the orange mocha felt just a tad bit diluted

Dessert after lunch at Cedele - Organic green & red rooibos tea with lemon lust. The sour n sweet lemon lust bursts in yr mouth! Good balance! Very refreshing!

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Visited this Italian place on a Tuesday afternoon. As I had a rather substantial brunch earlier, I decided to order one of their salads.

Their salmon salad came with a generous serving of fresh smoked salmon slices, avocado cubes and shredded egg that would satisfy your tummy and keep you full till the next meal. For sources of fibre, the salad came with arugula, iceberg lettuce and baby tomatoes. For the dressing, olive oil and a wedge of lemon were served in a saucer. Perhaps just a personal preference but I would have liked their egg to be served sliced or while instead.

Overall, it’s a pretty decent salad with a generous serving to justify its higher price tag apart from its location. As we used our Burpple voucher here, this salad only came up to $11 including GST and service charge! The dining partner order a pasta and we also saw diners around us enjoying sandwiches. It’s a place worth considering for traditional Italian cuisine and for a quiet afternoon hangout where you can chat with friends without being rushed to leave when you’re done with your meal. We also saw some patrons doing their work at this spot. It might be a less convenient place if you’re coming by the MRT but for that you do get a really peaceful environment for your meal.

Redeemed this with the 30% off bill deal and paid $18.95 for the pasta! Pasta was nice and creamy but got a bit jelak after awhile 🍄

A bowl created by Chef Mano Thevar, Bombay street with a twist - basmati brown rice, corn and chana dhal kichdi, pumpkin vada with kachumber raita, curry leaf crumb and crispy onions. I loved all the flavours, especially the vada but wished there was a bigger portion of dhal and raita as I had excess rice which was a little dry on its own. All bowls by Bamboo are plant-based with meat and low-carb options at additional cost (plus $3-$5).

Bamboo has a unique concept where you order through their app and use the app to open your pod for collection. Although the main goal is for a contactless transaction, my main gripe is that the process was not as seamless as expected. Not only do you need to download an additional app that is only unique to this store, they only accept credit card payment (no ApplePay yet though they’re working on it according to an employee) and each pod can only hold two boxes - meaning that if I do a large order for my table an employee still has to hand me the food boxes. Cool idea but not practical with form over function…? We probably spent more time with the employees trying to help us download the app than a typical system with an employee taking down our order.

𝐇𝐨𝐥𝐲 𝐜𝐨𝐰 ($18) was generously loaded with beef slices, combined with garlic butter, chimchurri, sunny egg, and cheddar. Personally found the juicy beef to be chewy and under-seasoned, especially when eaten all together in a big sandwich bite. More of the savory garlic butter and refreshing herbaceous sauce would have certainly elevated this, and found eating the sandwich with one instead of two layers of bread to better allow the flavours through.

Insta: cafehoppingkids

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Tampines Soup Spoon offers a variety of food other than just soup! Tried of this burger and it left me awed! Thick patty, fresh tomatoes and perfectly toasted brioche buns! Served with a side of choice, the truffle fries I selected was doused!!! with truffle oil and really worth the buck! Can't recall the price but trust me, it won't disappoint!

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Realised I’ve not had Cedele cakes in awhile when I was taken aback by the $9.30 price tag of a slice of carrot walnut cake. “Inflation is real” I thought.
But lucky me I get to snag the 25% National Day discount on cakes to commemorate Cedele’s 25th anniversary.

Of course it is only befitting to get the National Day special - Gula Melaka Sago cake and I can always trust Cedele’s cakes inflation or not. The fleshy young coconut meat within the coconut whipped cream center is amazing, not forgetting the soft Gula Melaka cake promised to be baked with unrefined Gula Melaka and olive oil. Thank you Cedele for delivering always 🥹

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When you feel under, this is a soul saver. Try order separate items comparing to this party set but this party set is much well worth it lor.🤑
Set 1 * meatless milestrone (veg) soup upsized (+$1.70)
Falafel with hummus with mint flat bread (falafel is quite dry but lucky i got my own sauce)
Home-brewed ice lemon tea
Set 2* beef goulash soup also upsized!!
Smoked salmon with alfafa sandwich 👍 hands down!
Home-brewed iced hibiscus tea
Can't do without extra bread roll ($1.40 each)
Order this on food panda get 20% discount

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Always an enjoyment having stuffed with a healthy bowl like this! Topped with truffle egg mayo, broccoli, buttered corn, edamame, soba with roasted sesame sauce! Queue is usually long during peak hours so be prepared to go earlier or wait.

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Can share between 2 people. Honestly, the flavour and size is better than some other places but there's a weird subtle end taste where it will remind you of the smell food will get when they've been in the freezer for too long. So-so for me!

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There’s many poke bowl places around Singapore and Poke Theory have their outlets across many places here.

One situated at a much quieter place of Paya Lebar Quarter, which is under the Park Place Residences opposite the PLQ Mall. Plenty of seats outdoor where you could enjoy your poke bowl, with limited seats inside the shop.

Choose from the size of your choice and pick a base, which I went for the signature sushi rice.

Then pick up 7 colours which is the veggies to put on the top, there are veggies like carrot, corn, cherry tomato and more.

Proceed to pick your poke. Most people would go for their salmon, which has a few options like original shoyu, spicy mayo and mentaiko mayo. You can pick 2 and both of them could be salmon as well.

After that finish with up to 3 garnishes and the sauce to go with.

The regular size is big enough for me, coming with sufficient ingredients on it. Full of flavours in every bites as you mix them.

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